15 Of the Best Revision Techniques That You Need to Know

Revision. Exams. Study. Three words every student dreads. However, you don’t have to fear revision. To help you survive revision periods we’ve taken advice and suggestions from professional essay writers to make sure you are prepared for those all- important exams and have come up with a list of the best revision techniques around.

  • Repaper your wall with post-it notes

Put key points on post-it notes and put them everywhere.  On the fridge. On the bathroom mirror. On your wardrobe. You may not think it’s going in – but it is. Professional essay writers don’t use wallpaper – they use post-its.Related image

  • Avoid distractions

Put out the cat, the dog, the budgie and leave your mobile phone in another room.  Focus on your notes.  You can live without the outside world for twenty or thirty minutes – honestly!

  • Reward yourself

When you’ve studied hard for twenty to thirty minutes, reward yourself with a five minute break. Professional assignment writers know the importance of walking away for a few minutes to clear the head.

  • Start early

Essay writing services in the UK know that the best approach is to start early. The more time you give an assignment writer, the better the work will be. The same is true for revision. Don’t leave it until the last minute. Plan. Plan. Plan.

  • Find your learning style

Pictures. Words. Music. Mind-maps. There’s a world of learning styles. Assignment writers use visual planning, verbal planning, and diagrams to plan their work. Copy their approach and find your own unique method.

  • There’s nothing new under the sun

Get past papers to help your own writing. Essay writing services in the UK can provide papers and examples of good responses from their assignment writers.  Read them and summarise them in your own words.

  • Be an Einstein

Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.  Grab someone who doesn’t know your subject and see if you can get them to understand (Probably best not to grab a stranger in a coffee shop though!)

  • Build a wall

Draw a wall with as many bricks as you want, each representing a different subject or fact Put a stick person on it and climb the wall as you learn each fact or subject.

  • Focus on your weakest areas first

Assignment writers recommend working on the hardest part first. Once you’ve cracked that, everything else seems easy. Build it up slowly.

  • Don’t be a loner

Essay writing services UK recognise that working together delivers results.  Have study groups, throw ideas around and share study tips.

  • Don’t over-do it.

This might sound daft when that big exam is looming, but assignment writers don’t take on too much at one time. They pace their work to deliver the best results. Break your revision into chunks with regular breaks.

  • Be the examiner

Work with friends and set each other exam questions. Think about what the examiners may want. Essay writing services can help with providing these for you to practice on.

  • Be creative

3D representations of facts and even figures concrete the information in several areas of the brain so when you’re in the exam you can visualise these to recall the information. Make them from pastry, vegetables, and fruit – then you can eat them as a post-study reward.

  • Look after your body as well as your brain

Eat healthily, exercise and get plenty of sleep during revision periods. Assignment writers recommend keeping fruit and water next to you during revision periods and taking regular exercise to keep the blood flowing and the mind working.

  • Exam osmosis

Read through your notes before you go to bed, then sleep with them under your pillow. Sounds crazy? It works (but only if you’ve followed all the other tips as well!).

So there you go. These tips will help you organise and plan your revision and make sure you achieve those goals. Essay writing services UK recommend having a clear focus and timetable and most importantly, remember that the journey is a necessary part of reaching your final destination of academic success.