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Minnesotan Sunday Growler sales on route to being legalized

Minnesota is close to allowing people to carry beer home in 64-ounce growlers. This is due to a labor union having a reversal on the issue; the union believes this is the first step in completely overturning the ban on all Sunday liquor sale in the state. The ban on liquor has been in place in Minnesota since the Prohibition […]

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Body Camera Bill Passed

ST. PAUL, Minnesota. (AP) – Body camera legislation limiting access to the police-gathered footage has cleared a significant Minnesota Senate hurdle. After weeks of discussion and refinement, the Senate Judiciary Committee sent the bill Friday to the floor for an eventual vote. It deems much of the data off-limits to the general public, except when an officer uses a dangerous […]

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Crossroads Santa Passes Away

Today is a sad day for Christmas and Holidays fan. Famous Crossroads Santa, Dick Scott, passed away on Sunday March 1st. Scott played the role of Santa for sixteen holiday seasons and had many fans. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in September of 2013. Scott received multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. In the end cancer took […]

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Adrian Peterson Suspension Overturned

A federal judge has issued his ruling in the Adrian Peterson case.  The ruling overturned the NFL’s denial of Peterson’s previous appeal.  Three weeks after hearing the oral arguments Federal Judge David Doty made his decision. After being suspended on April 15th for his involvement in a child abuse case Adrian Peterson has been been waiting for a decision but […]

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Skating for the Sergeant

  ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – As a parent, letting go of your child for even a day is difficult, but when you are over seas serving your country it’s all you think about. Sergeant Ryan Pruse serves the 34th Combat Aviation Brigade but after a deployment extension, Ryan could’t make it back from his daughters last year of youth hockey. […]

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Stopgap Sending

An agreement changing Minnesota agency commissioner pay and shoring up budgets at multiple departments is in a stalemate. With there being no debate on Monday, the Senate deferred final action on the bill, which was approved last week by the state House. This happened after that chamber’s GOP leaders reached an apparent deal with Democratic Governor Mark Dayton. A House-Senate conference committee […]

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Governor Mark Dayton’s Road and Bridge Proposal

  Minnesota has observed a declining share of federal funding for roads and bridges in recent years. The state has been able to make up the growing gap with other types of transportation revenue. Governor Mark Dayton and Transportation Commissioner Charlie Zelle released a detailed list on February 17th of more than 600 road and bridge improvements that would be completed if […]

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Minnesota Data Privacy

A group of Minnesota lawmakers, political groups and digital privacy champions gathered to support a new bill that would protect electronic communications. It’s an issue that’s become more and more prevalent in recent years with the exponential growth of the internet and technology use. Supporters of the bill say Minnesotans’ digital data should be treated the same as any other […]

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Target Center gears up for NCHC tournament

Minneapolis, MINN. – After All-Star weekend in New York, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Andrew Wiggins and Zach Lavine have gained a lot of attention, but back in Minneapolis inside the Target Center, hockey is getting all the attention. This week workers at the Target Center started the installation of the hockey rink that will be used for the NCHC tournament March […]

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Rochester Mayo Clinic and Children’s Heart Project

The famous Mayo Clinic continues to live up to its reputation as one of the leading hospitals in the world. Four Mongolian children are in Rochester to undergo heart surgery on Monday February 9th. The children traveled for more than 6,000 miles to stay with Minnesota host families. One of the families has experience with Rochester Mayo’s Cardiology Department. The […]

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