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L.I.F.E. program offers weight loss and lifestyle changes

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – The L.I.F.E. Program (Lifestyle, Food & Exercise) program is an nine-week, physician-led educational program consisting of weekly two-hour seminars beginning Tuesday, Jan. 6, at CentraCare Health Plaza in St. Cloud. These sessions provide extensive education on nutrition, diet and exercise, as well as practical and behavioral aspects of a healthy lifestyle. CentraCare Clinic’s board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist David Kroska, […]

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Minnesota drivers without auto insurance will be better identified

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – State legislators are working on ways to better identify Minnesotans who drive without auto insurance. Sen. Susan Kent says the state has a law mandating insurance, yet doesn’t have a meaningful verification system. Kent heads the uninsured motorist task force that is expected to come up with recommendations by Feb. 1. Minnesota Public Radio reports […]

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Level III predatory offender will be moving into the St. Cloud area

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – The Saint Cloud Police Department and the Minnesota Department of Corrections will be conducting a Community Notification Meeting on Wednesday December 10th, 2014 at 6:00 PM. This meeting will be held to inform the public that a level III predatory offender will be moving into the St. Cloud area effective December 11th, 2014. His name is […]

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Minnesota regulators plan to quarantine mountain pine beetles from entering the state

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – Minnesota regulators have proposed a quarantine in hopes of keeping mountain pine beetles out of the state. The beetle has devastated huge swaths of forest in the Rockies, and scientists fear the insects could threaten the majestic pines of Minnesota and other Great Lakes states someday. They’re already established in the Black Hills of South […]

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Brainerd votes to stop chlorinating city water

BRAINERD, Minn. (AP) – The Brainerd Public Utilities Board has decided to stop chlorinating the city’s water. A storm knocked out the Brainerd water system’s pressure last month, opening the door to possible contamination. Public Utilities Superintendent Scott Magnuson says the whole system had to be flushed with chlorine. Chlorine has been added steadily to the water ever since. Minnesota […]

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Human remains linked to disappearance of Annandale man

HUTCHINSON, Minn. – Human remains that include bone fragments and teeth have been recovered from a fire pit in a Hutchinson residence in connection to an investigation into the disappearance of 25 year old Christopher Rossing from Annandale. Authorities say that investigators searched the home of Robert Nuttall and his girlfriend, Gwen Butcher, last week. They have been charged with […]

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Eastbound Highway 10 ramp to County Road 3 in Sauk Rapids closes tomorrow

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Motorists in Sauk Rapids and St. Cloud may encounter delays as the ramp from eastbound Highway 10 to County Road 3/Golden Spike Road in Sauk Rapids closes at 8 a.m. Friday, Oct. 24. The ramp is expected to open by 1 p.m. the same day. The closure is needed while crews pave the new ramp as […]

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St. Cloud Dancer To Be Featured At The Laugh Out Loud Twin Cities Event

ST. CLOUD, Minn.- Alexis Kremers is turning fifteen on Saturday Sept.27th  and will be preforming at the Laugh Out Loud Twins Cities event, which is taking place at the Minneapolis Hilton hotel on the very same day. Kremers is a student at Cathedral High School and is a member of the St. Cloud School of Dance, through which she has won two national […]

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Women can do it too

ST. CLOUD, Minn.- Sept. 24th is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day. Downtown Fitness off of 7th Ave. S and Division St. in St. Cloud knows what it is like to work with women who go against the social stigmas associated with women participating in athletics among men. Scott Kelm, who works at Downtown Fitness mentioned during his interview Peggy […]

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B-17 Special Report: Love in first flight

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – The Granite City had a special visitor over the 4th of July weekend. A World War 2 era aircraft landed at the St. Cloud airport as part of a tour hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EEA). The aircraft is a B-17 bomber used to drop explosives during the war. “Just under 13,000 airplanes were produced,” […]

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