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Eden Prairie women charged with embezzlement

  MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota -42-year-old Stephanie Castillo of Eden Prairie will be spending nearly seven years in prison for embezzling around $1.3 million while she worked for a golden Valley property management company which is owned by her mother. The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office announced Castillo was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison. Along with the prison sentence, […]

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New bakery stirs talk: Panaderia Los Brothers

WAITE PARK, Minnesota- A new bakery in Waite Park is stirring up some talk– in a good way. Panaderia Los Brothers started this past summer. It brought its baked goods breads, cookies and cake recipes all the way from Mexico. “The The Bread in Mexico is a tradition, it’s artisinal.” says Gerardo Urbano one of the the owners of the […]

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Medication Therapy Management

ST. JOSEPH, Minnesota – Today Pharmacy Manager Kurt Schiffler says there is an easy way to keep track of your medications. Schiffler says, “Medication Therapy Management is when a pharmacist sits down with a customer and they do a full review of all of their medications.” Schiffler believes that MTM has been effective for him the past few years and […]

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‘Laundry Love’ provides for those in need

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – The St. Cloud Coalition for Homeless Men volunteers are providing laundry costs to those in need through something they call ‘Laundry Love.’ It happens at Kipp’s Laundry in St. Cloud biweekly on Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. St. Cloud Coalition for Homeless men volunteer Nancy Dyson-Powers started it after seeing some people doing their […]

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Lion Killer

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn- Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources is investigating a report of potentially illegal hunting activity on land owned by Bloomington dentist Walter Palmer who was blamed for shooting a well-known lion in Zimbabwe. Leah Thompson hunts on land in northwestern Minnesota next to property owned by Palmer. Thompson told KVLY-TV she saw vehicles chasing deer on Palmer’s property several times […]

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Pedestrian Hit

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – A St. Cloud man is fortunate to be alive after he ran out in front of a pickup around 3:30 in the morning. Andy Struffert, 35, of Foley was heading east on Highway 23 in St. Cloud when a man ran out in front of him at the intersection of Highway 23 at 14th avenue southeast. The pedestrian, Aaron […]

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Big Lake

ZIMMERMAN Minn – On Wednesday, at 12:20 pm Joshua Stultz was airlifted to North Memorial Hospital with minor injuries.  Stultz was driving a Chevorlet Silverado and failed to stop at a red light on southbound Highway 169. His Chevorlet Silverado collided with a Freightliner box truck as it was turning from northbound Highway 169 onto the county road. William D. Helvey of Missouri was in […]

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High School Students and Sleep

ST. CLOUD- Today Sleep Doctor Troy Payne says there have been studies showing children going to school at a variety different times and the magic time seems to be about 8:30am. The reason for this is that children have difficulty going to sleep before 11 o’clock. Television and xbox can disrupt sleep patterns too. The American Academy of Pediatrics says […]

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Waite Park Library Poetry Sidewalk

The Waite Park City Library is adding on to its perimeter with the addition of an outdoor poetry garden. The garden hopes to encourage play, conversation and most importantly reading. The library services coordinator for the Waite Park branch of Great River Regional Library, Marilyn Patterson says, “We have a very small library. It will be nice place for patrons […]

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Aitkin County Investigator Update

An update on the fatal shooting at the St. Cloud hospital has just been released. Steven Sandberg, 60, of the Little Falls Police Department was shot on Sunday by a hospitalized man he was overseeing. The shooter, Danny Hammond, 50, started the altercation between himself and investigator Sandberg before shooting and killing the officer. Hammond was then tased by another […]

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