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Blood Donor Shortage

Blood donations are dropping low along with Minnesota temperatures. The message for more donors is going out to blood donors in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Memorial Blood Centers have stated that their supply of O-negative blood is dangerously low across their 11 donor sites in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Spokesman Larry Silber tells Minnesota Public Radio News that the organization has been able to […]

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Ice dam care and prevention

ST. CLOUD, Minn-. Despite the fact that the St. Cloud area of Minnesota has seen very little snowfall this winter, March is just upon us, and March can bring many heavy and wet snowfalls. One thing that home owners need to be aware of is the formation of Snow Dams. Craig Schneider, service tech from Zoblocki roofing said, “one of […]

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Avoiding thin ice

ST. JOSEPH, Minn. – Today marked the deadline for fish house removal on lakes according to the Minnesota DNR. Fish houses after 11:59 tonight, fish houses are supposed to be off the ice and are not allowed to stay on over night. According to the Minnesota DNR, if shelters are not removed, owners will be prosecuted and the structure and […]

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Late Labor Day, Early School Start

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Students in the St. Cloud area school district 742 will have to cut their summer vacation one week early this year. A new ruling by the St. Cloud school board requires students to begin school on August 31st, a full week before Labor Day. State laws require that schools begin after the September holiday, but there […]

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St. Cloud Resident Charged With Assault

  After firing a couple of shots into the ground back in July, St. Cloud resident Bryant Terrell Garth II, 19, plead guilty to second-degree assault on February 26th.  He was officially charged with the crime on November 25th.  The crime is gang related which could lead to an increased sentence. 19-year-old Garth and an unidentified 14-year-old male were documented arguing with two […]

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48th Annual Central Minnesota Farm Show

The 48th Annual Central Minnesota Farm Show was held at the River’s Edge Convention Center Tuesday, February 24 through Thursday, February 26 with over 300 professional vendors on hand to talk about their new products for the 2015 year.

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There’s so much room for activities

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Come this spring, St. Cloud’s very own Beaver Island Trail will be making a $6 million dollar extension. This, after city council approved of the addition on Monday. This project, termed the “Beaver Island Trail Phase Three” project, comes after a demand by locals for more access to the park. The expansion will include a 6 […]

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Livable or liveable?

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – A small banner in downtown St. Cloud has caused quite the commotion. The banner reads, “St. Cloud, a liveable community,” and has been hanging on dozens of street lights for years. The concern was sparked by viewers on Twitter who figured out the word “liveable” was the incorrect form of the word. While many people disregarded […]

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Skating for the Sergeant

  ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – As a parent, letting go of your child for even a day is difficult, but when you are over seas serving your country it’s all you think about. Sergeant Ryan Pruse serves the 34th Combat Aviation Brigade but after a deployment extension, Ryan could’t make it back from his daughters last year of youth hockey. […]

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Minnesota’s child-protection system to strengthen

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – Minnesota House lawmakers have voted to make the state’s child-protection system stronger throughout the state. Bill author Rep. Ron Kresha says it’s the first step in reforming the system in Minnesota. The Little Falls Republican plans to recommend further changes later this session. Minnesota legislators passed a new bill on Monday that would reverse a law preventing social workers from considering past reports of child […]

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