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Late Labor Day, Early School Start

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Students in the St. Cloud area school district 742 will have to cut their summer vacation one week early this year. A new ruling by the St. Cloud school board requires students to begin school on August 31st, a full week before Labor Day. State laws require that schools begin after the September holiday, but there […]

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Minnesota surplus budget displays growth

Gov. Mark Dayton, Democratic lawmakers and the Republicans have a lot to discuss in the following months regarding Minnesota’s surplus budget. The Minnesota Department of Management and Budget provided figures this Friday, projecting the state’s surplus that is projected to be approximately $1.87 billion dollars for the next two years. This amount was more than expected, compared to the $1 billion estimated in December, but it has created some commotion over where […]

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There’s so much room for activities

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Come this spring, St. Cloud’s very own Beaver Island Trail will be making a $6 million dollar extension. This, after city council approved of the addition on Monday. This project, termed the “Beaver Island Trail Phase Three” project, comes after a demand by locals for more access to the park. The expansion will include a 6 […]

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Minnesota’s child-protection system to strengthen

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – Minnesota House lawmakers have voted to make the state’s child-protection system stronger throughout the state. Bill author Rep. Ron Kresha says it’s the first step in reforming the system in Minnesota. The Little Falls Republican plans to recommend further changes later this session. Minnesota legislators passed a new bill on Monday that would reverse a law preventing social workers from considering past reports of child […]

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Graduation rate sharpens in Minnesota

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (AP) — Minnesota is on track to exceed its goal of graduating 90 percent of high school students on time by 2020, the state’s education commissioner said. State Department of Education data released Tuesday show about 81 percent of students graduated in the 2013-2014 school year, an increase of roughly 6 percentage points from four years prior. […]

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A Most Livable Community

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – The St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce released a report earlier this month revealing St. Cloud’s cost of living is 5% lower than the national average. The statistics come from the ACCRA Cost of Living Index which is compiled and published quarterly. Six components comprise these rankings including housing costs, grocery items, utilities, transportation, health care, and […]

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Early polling may be a possibility in Minnesota’s future

AP-MN–Right Now Latest Minnesota news, sports, business and entertainment EARLY VOTING Bid to open polling places sooner advances but has big climb ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – Minnesota’s first big run with no-excuse absentee voting has some lawmakers setting their sights on a more-expansive form of early balloting for future elections. Legislation moving in the Minnesota Senate would establish a […]

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McGinnis Murder Trial

SARTELL, Minn.- Last March shots were fired at the Sartell Sprint store raising concern in the area. Today, nearly a year later, Demetreus Anthony McGinnis, 24, is on trial for the death of 20-year-old Maurice Galvin. McGinnis is charged with 1st degree murder, two counts of 2nd degree murder, one count of 3rd degree murder, being a felon in possession […]

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School suspensions on the decrease in Minnesota

New Statewide disciplinary data is being discussed throughout the state today, as Minnesota Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius joined educators to discuss intervention efforts addressing student behavior. From 2010-2014, there has been 11,948 fewer suspensions throughout the state for students, which is a 20.4 percent decrease. The data also included 6,200 fewer suspensions for all students with disabilities (SWD). Those numbers […]

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Buffalo Car Crash

(Photo credit: Buffalo Police Department) Two Drivers were injured on Thursday when their cars collided on Minnesota Highway 55 East of Buffalo. Minnesota State Patrol reported the collision happening at 1:22 p.m. The accident involved a Kia Driven by 46-year-old Leah Pyykkoen of Buffalo and 59-year-old Gregory Mcbroom of Princeton. the accident occurred as Pyykkoen was taking a left onto […]

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