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Sewing for Smiles

SAUK RAPIDS, Minnesota – Years ago, Fawn Wright of Sauk Rapids picked up a brochure, never paying much attention to the message it spoke, or to whom it was directed toward. Years later, after the passing of her husband’s aunt, the brochure, sitting on a desk back home, because even more apparent. In the aunt’s obituary, a message sparked an action […]

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Lawsuit against catholic diocese in india

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – A local woman, Megan Peterson, is filing a lawsuit against a Catholic diocese, in India.The Ootacamund Diocese lifted Reverend Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul’s suspension and reassigned him as a priest; after he was convicted of child sex abuse in Minnesota. Peterson says Jeyapaul abused her in 2004 when he served at her church in Greenbush, Minnesota. After the […]

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St. Cloud State University Hosts Its Last Series of Global Goes Local Conference

St. Cloud State University hosted its last year of the Global Goes Local Conference on April 11th and 12th. Ahmed Ali, the Lead Organizer of Worker Center, says workers don’t have the permission to have enough bathroom breaks. They work eight to eleven hours a day and five to six days a week and only have two bathroom breaks per […]

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St. Cloud State University Teams Up With University of Minnesota In Biological Experiments

The St. Cloud State University’s Biology Department is working with the University of Minnesota in a biological experiment about milk production. SCSU Microbiology Professor, Ryan Fink, says some of his students are looking at the presence of microbiome in cattle and their living area which is an extremely important factor in the development of mastitis. Nusrat Annie Jahan, a graduate […]

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Volcano Erupts in Alaska

Ash hangs in the air in Alaska after a Volcano erupted on Sunday afternoon. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the Pavlof Volcano on the Aleutian Islands erupted around 4:00 on March 7th. It is located about 600 miles southwest of Anchorage. The eruption sent ash flying into the air about 20,00 feet and caused tremors to run along the […]

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President Obama meets with Cuban officials to discuss embargo

Washington D.C. -Over the past year U.S. officials have worked towards reopening Cuba to America with several agreements, including direct flights and the first direct mail delivery. The White House originally said the president would travel to the country only after seeing substantive change, but President Obama has decided to visit Cuba early to help accelerate the change. The Obama […]

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St. Cloud State Woman’s Rights Rally

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota- Students from the Woman’s Center gathered outside Stewart Hall on the St. Cloud State campus in protest to a high profile Supreme Court case. That being Woman’s Health vs. Hellerstedt in Texas, which will rule on woman’s body rights when it comes to abortion. “We’re out here to raise awareness first and to show support at St. […]

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First Amendment Forum – Third Party Panel

ST. CLOUD – Do you not like any of the candidates running for office? Do you feel they don’t represent you and how you feel exactly? Perhaps you will decide not to vote simply because you feel like your voice doesn’t count. These questions were being discussed between a diverse third party panel at the First Amendment Forum earlier on […]

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Local Boy Scouts Collecting Soles 4 Souls

SARTELL, Minnesota – When you think of a boy scout or cub scout, the thought of popcorn and other food related fundraisers might come to mind. This year, the Central Minnesota Council of the Boy Scouts of America is trying something new. “I think you know sometimes change is the spice of life, and we have conducted the Scouting For Food […]

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Minnesota Team Going to National Math Competition

  The 2016 Minnesota Mathcounts tournament brought together over 100 middle school students from across the state. It had been held from March 11-12 in Plymouth. Out of these competitors, four will be forming Minnesota’s team to be entered into a national tournament. David Zhang, a student from Sartell Middle School, had taken second place overall in the state competition. Sartell Middle […]

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