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Gold-n-Plump Expansion

  ST.CLOUD Minn. Gold-n-Plump Company has begun the first half of a $35-million expansion. This addition includes new machines and a new building to add space to the processing area. The new equipment will make processes more automatic than before. President of G-N-P Steve Jurek says the new development will make the plant one of the most mechanized plants for […]

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Sleep and study

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – This week, March 2nd through the 8th, is National Sleep Awareness week. This week each year is designated to educate the public and promote the importance of getting a good nights rest. Dr. Carol Borden, Assistant Professor of Psychology at St. Cloud State, says that sleep is more important than we think it is. “We live […]

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Minnesota House bill would help agriculture exports to Cuba

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (AP) — Seeking to fan agriculture exports to Cuba, a Minnesota House panel took initial steps Tuesday to spend state money on promoting the shipment of goods to the island nation amid improving relations with the United States. The bipartisan bill that the House Agriculture Finance Committee kept in the budget mix would designate $100,000 to promote […]

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Graduation rate sharpens in Minnesota

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (AP) — Minnesota is on track to exceed its goal of graduating 90 percent of high school students on time by 2020, the state’s education commissioner said. State Department of Education data released Tuesday show about 81 percent of students graduated in the 2013-2014 school year, an increase of roughly 6 percentage points from four years prior. […]

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A Most Livable Community

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – The St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce released a report earlier this month revealing St. Cloud’s cost of living is 5% lower than the national average. The statistics come from the ACCRA Cost of Living Index which is compiled and published quarterly. Six components comprise these rankings including housing costs, grocery items, utilities, transportation, health care, and […]

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The new fad

Bracelets come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Some are small, some are silver, some even have beads on them, but one type of bracelet has been the talk of the town that focuses on the health of the person wearing it.

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Rochester Mayo Clinic and Children’s Heart Project

The famous Mayo Clinic continues to live up to its reputation as one of the leading hospitals in the world. Four Mongolian children are in Rochester to undergo heart surgery on Monday February 9th. The children traveled for more than 6,000 miles to stay with Minnesota host families. One of the families has experience with Rochester Mayo’s Cardiology Department. The […]

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Minnesota Man Charged With Lying To FBI Agents

A Minnesota man is being charged with making false statements to FBI agents back in November 2014 during a terrorism investigation. Hamza Ahmed reportedly took a bus from Minneapolis to JFK airport in New York City with three other individuals and was stopped from boarding his flight to Syria. When questioned by agents, the 19-year-old said he didn’t know any of […]

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The missing link

Les Green spoke Tuesday night at the St. Cloud Public Library discussing black history. Green believes that black history shouldn’t just be celebrated one month out of the year.

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Redbox increases rental rates

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Redbox is raising its DVD rental prices by 25 percent in an effort to wring more revenue from the shrinking audience that still watches movies on discs rather than online. The increase announced Monday means the price to check out a DVD from one of Redbox’s nearly 44,000 in-store kiosks will increase from $1.20 per day […]

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