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New parents who work for the state could have paid leave

ST. PAUL, Minnesota – Minnesota workers who are new parents could gain six weeks of paid leave. Governor Mark Dayton announced Tuesday, February 9th a new proposal to offer paid leave to new parents who work for the state. Out of the 35,000 people who comprise the workforce, an estimated 500 employees would utilize the paid leave. Parents of biological or adopted children would […]

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Voting for Value

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – As the Caucus and Primary season begins in the race for the White House, many people are left confused and unsure of who to vote for. Confusion can cause many to stop paying attention to the race, which can easily affect the end results. So, just how do candidates keep voters interested in the election process? “If […]

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Death Penalty Appeal Denied in Supreme Court

WASHINGTON- The future of the death penalty is being questioned. An appeal to outlaw the death penalty in the United States was rejected by the Supreme Court on Tuesday. The appeal was issued by Pennsylvania inmate Shonda Walter, who hoped for the Justices to decide whether or not the  death penalty violates the Eight Amendment of the Constitution. There was no statement […]

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St. Cloud School District 742 referendum fails

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – Tuesday, November 3rd was Election Day, which meant the final tally of St. Cloud area school District 742 was to be announced. Technical and Apollo High Schools were asking to be funded a combination of $167 million dollars to rebuild Tech, and renovate Apollo High School. Vote Yes representatives got together Monday night at the Marriott Hotel […]

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  Bishop Donald Kettler, Bishop of the St Cloud Diocese convened a steering committee in the hopes of creating a single Catholic school. The committee, which was convened at the end of last year is suspected to have a plan that they might present by the end of the year. The plan is to possibly unify the catholic education system […]

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Bird flu confirmed in 10th Stearns County flock

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (AP) – Minnesota health officials say bird flu has been confirmed in a flock in Stearns County. It’s the 10th such flock in Stearns County to have the virus, and includes 27,000 turkeys. Bird flu has hit the Midwest hard this spring in an epidemic that has killed some 15 million birds in several states. In Minnesota, […]

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Minnesota Senate Bill raises gas sales tax

ST. PAUL, Minnesota – Your daily commute could be getting spendier with the outcome of a new bill passed by the Minnesota Senate. Minnesotans could be paying more for gas and license tab fees after the Minnesota Senate passed a new bill yesterday. Set to fund road and bridge repairs, the bill would raise more than $6 billion by adding […]

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Gun Silencer Law Passes Senate

The Democratic-State Sentate has approved legislature which would make it legal to own gun silencers in the state of Minnesota.  On Thursday night, despite a potential showdown with Governor Mark Dayton, it passed through the senate with a vote of 40 to 23. Mark Dayton said previously that “Nowhere in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution does it […]

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Lack of young voters

A plunge in young voters in the 2014 presidential election in St. Cloud’s Ward 1, Precinct 1, which includes a lot of St. Cloud State University has Minnesota Secretary of State, Steve Simon, concerned.

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DNR pushes Governor Mark Dayton’s proposal

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (AP)  — Officials with the Department of Natural Resources touted Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposal for their agency Thursday as a way to boost funding for fish, wildlife and outdoors programs, including more officers to enforce game and fish regulations. The agency’s goals for the proposed increased spending include improving fish population surveys, creating more forest wildlife habitat, helping […]

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