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Governor Dayton Declares Water Action Week

ST. PAUL, Minn.- On Saturday, 800 people gathered at a hotel in St. Paul to discuss the water quality in Minnesota at the Governor’s Water Summit. Now, Governor Mark Dayton is planning another event to raise water awareness: Water Action Week. Dayton plans on holding Water Action Week at some point in April in an effort to engage Minnesotans on […]

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ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – An auction held at Rollie’s Rednecks & Longnecks Bar to raise funds for families dealing with autism on Saturday April 9, 2016. Ultimate Autism foundation is aimed at gathering resources to help families with autism go further than Insurance companies can take them. “There is such a variety of Symptoms and treatments that people with autism […]

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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – U.S. Representative Rick Nolan says he plans to support presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in July. Nolan says he has considered a number of factors. Nolan says Sanders’ message and his authenticity appeals to him and to voters in Minnesota. U.S. Representative Keith Ellison has also pledged his support for Sanders. Tweet

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Transgender Bill Attempt

Minnesota – Republican lawmakers are attempting to restrict transgender peoples use of public bathrooms and locker rooms in Minnesota. GOP lawmakers unveiled a bill this morning (3/23/16) that would force transgender people to use the bathrooms that match their birth sex. If the law were to pass, it would apply to public bathrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms. However, according to Governor Mark […]

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Governor mark dayton attending somali night

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – St. Cloud State University will be hosting a special guest, Governor Mark Dayton will be attending Somali Night on April 2nd. The Somali Student Association invited Dayton to attend the event in October when he attended the NAACP Community Conversation in St. Cloud. Dayton will speak before the show portion of the event. The cultural festival […]

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President Obama meets with Cuban officials to discuss embargo

Washington D.C. -Over the past year U.S. officials have worked towards reopening Cuba to America with several agreements, including direct flights and the first direct mail delivery. The White House originally said the president would travel to the country only after seeing substantive change, but President Obama has decided to visit Cuba early to help accelerate the change. The Obama […]

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John Kasich to Speak in Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn- Republican Presidential nominee John Kasich is planning to attend a fundraising trip to Minnesota. Kasich and fellow nominee and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are currently attempting to prevent front-runner Donald Trump from attaining the delegates needed to become the Republican nominee in the upcoming Presidential Election next fall. Trump is currently first in the Republican delegate voting with […]

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First Amendment Forum – Third Party Panel

ST. CLOUD – Do you not like any of the candidates running for office? Do you feel they don’t represent you and how you feel exactly? Perhaps you will decide not to vote simply because you feel like your voice doesn’t count. These questions were being discussed between a diverse third party panel at the First Amendment Forum earlier on […]

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President Obama to Visit Cuba

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn- President Obama is set to visit Cuba this upcoming weekend, and two key congress members from Minnesota will be joining him. U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar and U.S. Representative Tom Emmer are apart of a select group of Democrats and Republicans joining Obama for his trip to Havana. Klobuchar leads a Senate sponsor of legislation to lift the United […]

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Bernie Sanders Speaks in Minnesota

  MINNEAPOLIS, Minn- Ahead of Super Tuesday, Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders made an appearance at the Minneapolis Convention Center earlier today. Sanders is currently behind fellow nominee Hilary Clinton after Clinton won the South Carolina primaries two weeks ago. Minnesota is one of 12 states taking part in the Super Tuesday Caucuses which have already begun in several states. St. […]

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