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St. Cloud man committed to mental health facility

ST. CLOUD – A St. Cloud man has been committed to a mental health facility, according to court documents. Dean Allan Friese, 54 was committed on Tuesday to the mental health facility in St. Peter, Minnesota after he was previously deemed incompetent to stand trial for the murder of his mother, 72-year old Lois Arlene Omeara. Court documents say back on September 14, 2013 officers were dispatched to […]

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Abbott to buy out St. Jude Medical Inc.

  MINNESOTA – Abbott Laboratories will be spending $19.3 billion to buy St. Jude Medical Inc.  The goal in the buyout is to strengthen the market for the cardiovascular care of the medical device maker.  The original offer from Abbott was $25 billion but St. Jude’s debt of $5.7 million was subtracted. St. Jude shareholders will receive $46.75 in cash along with a portion of […]

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Minnesota Department of Health Report

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – The Minnesota Department of Health(MDH) released its HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report for 2015. Although the number of newly reported cases are similar to 2014, there are higher rates of HIV and AIDS in certain population groups. Minnesota Commissioner of Health Dr. Ed Ehlinger says “we are seeing higher HIV infection rates in communities with limited access to HIV […]

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Choosing to Receive Chiropractic Care

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – Chiropractic care is a non-orthopedic and non-invasive type of care that honors the body’s potential to heal itself. Being seen by a chiropractor assists the nervous, skeletal and muscle systems in performing properly to ensure optimum performance. “What we really focus on, in a nutshell, is focusing on how the spine as well as the nervous […]

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Sewing for Smiles

SAUK RAPIDS, Minnesota – Years ago, Fawn Wright of Sauk Rapids picked up a brochure, never paying much attention to the message it spoke, or to whom it was directed toward. Years later, after the passing of her husband’s aunt, the brochure, sitting on a desk back home, because even more apparent. In the aunt’s obituary, a message sparked an action […]

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Day Of Silence

By Beltha M. Anjangha   ST. ClOUD, Minnesota – A demonstration at the Atwood Market Place at St Cloud State University, alerted students to the realities of anti-LGBT bullying, and paid tributes to LGBT students whose voices have been silenced by bullies. According to GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network), 9 of 10 LGBT+ students experience harassment at schools […]

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St. Cloud State University Holds Gaming Nights In An Attempt To Improve Academic Performance

St. Cloud State University’s librarians are trying to make an everlasting change in the academic and personal lives of students through Gaming Nights. Miller Library’s Circulation Supervisor, Angela Wortham, says gamification has been a topic of interest in education over the last few years. That is applying principles of gaming to education like adding badges or experience points to assignments […]

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Target Responds to Transgender Policy

ST.PAUL, Minn- Target is making headlines after publicly announcing in a blog that their company welcomes transgender employees and guest to use bathroom facilities that corresponds with their gender identity. A conservative Christian activist group has gained 517,000 signatures as of Monday  pledging to boycott Target over its transgender policy. Concern has outraged across the states with several opinions on how […]

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Mitsubishi admits to falsified fuel efficiency tests

On Tuesday the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi was rocked with the revelation of a new scandal. The company has admitted that it had falsified fuel efficiency tests for the past quarter century. Cars with inflated fuel efficiency ratings were sold only in Japan, but the automaker said that it had used improper fuel economy tests on hundreds of thousands of vehicles, […]

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More Crafts, More Competition for Local Businesses

WAITE PARK, Minnesota – April 25 marked an exciting day for craft lovers in Central Minnesota during the grand opening of Hobby Lobby in Waite Park. Although many looked forward to the opening of the craft giant – an Oklahoma based business that has over 700 locations throughout the United States – many were concerned about the effects it would […]

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