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Students voice spark a change

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota: “I believe that we will win, I believe that we will win” those were the chants students were chanting last Thursday night before entering Student Government’s meeting. But what exactly caused the rally? Racial inequality is not only becoming a national issue, but it is something that is happening among students at the St. Cloud State University […]

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Effects of Preliminary Tax Levies for 2016

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – Residents, business owners and schools in Minnesota should listen up: the 2016 property tax levies have been released. Simply put, these numbers represent an estimate of how much your taxes will be changing in the upcoming year. The Minnesota Department of Revenue releases this information annually and is reported on by local governments and is passed […]

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Preparing your car for the winter

  ST. CLOUD, Minnesota- If you have not thought about preparing your car for the harsh winter months, now is the time to do it, even when temperatures are currently in the upper 60’s and low 70’s for November. At Rigs to Rods in Clearwater, you can find the staff working diligently on cars, but with odds of snow increasing […]

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Sick Days

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn- This morning, religious leaders disclosed faith community support and paid sick time ordinance of Minneapolis. Clergy and denominational leaders held a press conference regarding paid sick time at 10am at city hall in Minneapolis. Leaders are looking to strengthen the community support for paid sick days by conversing with congregations and faith communities, converting more than 500 people into City […]

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Flu Shot Vaccines

SAUK CENTRE, Minn – Today, Coborn’s Pharmacy Manager Kurt Schiffler says his view on getting the flu vaccination. He believes that educating the public and letting them know that it is completely safe to get the vaccine. Some people may wonder, are there any side effects that I should know about? Coborn’s Pharmacist, Chris Determan says some people will develop […]

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Children’s Home

ST. CLOUD, Minn – Each fall, students from programs at the Catholic Charities St. Cloud Children’s Home volunteer their time to rake leaves near the historic building in St. Cloud. The kids spend many hours raking, stuffing, and tossing bags of leaves. This experience provides children with skills including creating a sense of community, giving but expecting no reward, and striving […]

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Mississippi River Report Card

A report card for the Mississippi River basin is out and this body of water didn’t do too well this semester. The rivers lowest grade comes from the aging transportation infrastructure. America’s Watershed Initiative released details of their report today at a news conference in St. Louis. The report card assessed the rivers abundance of clean water, flood control and […]

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Professional Wrestler

SAUK CENTRE, Minn – Today former professional wrestler, Paul Ellering, talks about his involvement in wrestling activities and how it took a toll on his body. In 1976, Ellering set the world record in weightlifting. He deadlifted 746 pounds in a 220 pound class. Until this day, Ellering still holds this record. No one has been able to take this […]

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St. Cloud State University Spends $15000 On Pigeons Deterrent

Director of Facilities Management, John Frischmann, explains that his crews have been working with folks at Miller Center for about two years to try to come up with a system that deters pigeons. For some reasons, pigeons like to roost on the north and south entries of Miller Center where we have a lot of students and public walk. They […]

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  Bishop Donald Kettler, Bishop of the St Cloud Diocese convened a steering committee in the hopes of creating a single Catholic school. The committee, which was convened at the end of last year is suspected to have a plan that they might present by the end of the year. The plan is to possibly unify the catholic education system […]

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