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St. Cloud State University Runners Prep For Conference

Track and Field Head Coach, Samuel Kettenhofen, says he feels good about going to the conference. He adds we are still a couple of weeks away and athletes are pretty healthy. The training is going on well and the team is in a good spot moving forward. When asked about the status of runners about the competitions, he said he […]

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Catching a Case of Kindness

DULUTH, Minnesota – There’s a case of something going around at Piedmont Elementary in Duluth Minnesota, and it just so happens to be, kindness. “Good morning Piedmont Elementary,” said Taylor Walling, Piedmont Social Worker. “Today I have Johnny and Libby from Ms. Tyllia’s third grade classroom to read our kindness poem,” she announced over the school’s intercom system. At Piedmont Elementary, […]

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Voting for Value

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – As the Caucus and Primary season begins in the race for the White House, many people are left confused and unsure of who to vote for. Confusion can cause many to stop paying attention to the race, which can easily affect the end results. So, just how do candidates keep voters interested in the election process? “If […]

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Learning Around The World

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota- Going to school can sometimes be a drag, especially this time of year. However, some students are making things more interesting by studying abroad and are learning a lot. Taking classes in another country can teach students things they wouldn’t normally learn at home. “Experiencing other cultures is just such a great thing to learn for yourself. […]

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City in Minnesota named the number one safest to live in

SAINT JOSEPH, Minnesota – Just about twenty-five minutes west from Saint Cloud lies a town that was recently recognized in a state wide ranking. “Its still sinking with me” says police Chief of Saint Joseph, Joel Klein. Saint Joseph, home to around 7,000 people was put on the map earlier last week when it was ranked the number one safest […]

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National Catholic Schools Week brings students together

COLLEGEVILLE, Minnesota – About 2,000 Catholic students who make up the Diocese of St. Cloud gathered today (Wednesday) at noon for mass at St. John’s Abbey Church in honor of National Catholic Schools Week. The event was hosted by the St. John’s Preparatory School. This group of students is combined annually at this location for mass. One 10th grade student […]

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Grant Money Helps College Diversify

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – Some people cringe when they have to go to the dentist. However, students at St. Cloud Technical and Community College are having fun and learning a lot about teeth. With a 200,000 dollar grant coming to them over the next two years, the dental program wants to become more diverse. This is something they feel is […]

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Iceman Roger Is Back

SUPERIOR, Wisconsin – Originally from Big Lake Minnesota, Iceman Roger Hanson has taken the last two winters of his sculpted life, to venture North and settle in Superior Wisconsin for the winter. “I don’t exactly know why I do this, and I haven’t really got an answer for that quite yet,” said the Iceman. In Northern Minnesota, it can be tough […]

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Putting a leash on licensing in the Granite City

ST.CLOUD, Minnesota- They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but when it comes to the city of Saint Cloud the dog, needs it’s documents. “All dogs in the city of Saint Cloud city limits needs to be licensed.” says Daniel Dalzell head of Saint Cloud’s city hall Health and Inspection department. All dog owners within the Saint Cloud […]

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Locals give Martin Luther King Jr. a voice

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – The winners for the third annual doctor Martin Luther King Junior Breakfast Celebration were announced on Wednesday, January 27th. The event was held at St. Cloud State University, College of St. Benedict and St. Johns University on Martin Luther King Jr. Day the previous Monday, January 18th. A number of contestants from Universities, organizations and businesses […]

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