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Radical Islamism

ST. Cloud, MN “Radical Islamism” has been repeatedly used to fan the flames of islamophobia. After the stabbing at the Cross Roads Mall in St Cloud, people have questioned if the Quran, instigates violence. According to Haji Yussuf, Radical Islamism has never been an issue in the Muslim community here. He says if it is now becoming a problem, the […]

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Stabbing at the Crossroads Center

  St. Cloud, Minn. – On Saturday night, a man entered the Crossroads Center in St. Cloud with a knife. Once inside, he proceeded to assault people, referencing Allah and even asked one victim if they were Muslim before assaulting them. He then ran into Jason Falconer, an off-duty police officer from Avon. Falconer had also served as the police […]

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Heinrich Confesses to Killing Jacob Wetterling

ST. JOSEPH, Minn – A 27-year-old search ended on Saturday, Sept. 2, when authorities identified the remains of Jacob Wetterling, an 11-year-old boy who was abducted while riding his bike home from a convenience store, Oct. 22, 1989. The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office released a statement confirming the remains of Jacob were located and identified by The Ramsey County Medical […]

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Otte’s Success Builds From SCSU to Stanley Cup

From behind the lens of his camera, SCSU alumnus Jon Otte has witnessed many victories on the ice over the years, but none quite like the moment the Pittsburgh Penguins grasped the Stanley Cup this season. The 2011 graduate began working for the Penguins organization a mere two years after covering SCSU hockey while being on board the award-winning Husky Productions (HP) team. “It’s amazing, […]

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Sewing for Smiles

SAUK RAPIDS, Minnesota – Years ago, Fawn Wright of Sauk Rapids picked up a brochure, never paying much attention to the message it spoke, or to whom it was directed toward. Years later, after the passing of her husband’s aunt, the brochure, sitting on a desk back home, because even more apparent. In the aunt’s obituary, a message sparked an action […]

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Day Of Silence

By Beltha M. Anjangha   ST. ClOUD, Minnesota – A demonstration at the Atwood Market Place at St Cloud State University, alerted students to the realities of anti-LGBT bullying, and paid tributes to LGBT students whose voices have been silenced by bullies. According to GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network), 9 of 10 LGBT+ students experience harassment at schools […]

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St. Cloud State University Holds Gaming Nights In An Attempt To Improve Academic Performance

St. Cloud State University’s librarians are trying to make an everlasting change in the academic and personal lives of students through Gaming Nights. Miller Library’s Circulation Supervisor, Angela Wortham, says gamification has been a topic of interest in education over the last few years. That is applying principles of gaming to education like adding badges or experience points to assignments […]

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Missing Person in Douglas County

ALEXANDRIA, Minn- The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in finding 52-year-old Todd Richard Logan. Logan’s family called the Sheriff’s Office to report Logan missing this past Saturday afternoon. Logan’s family stated that he had been showing unusual behavior throughout the past few days. Logan was last seen near the intersection of Wolf Creek Rd and Severson […]

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St. Cloud State University Hosts Its Annual Colloquium At Atwood Memorial Center

More than 400 students and faculty from St. Cloud State University took part in a day-long colloquium to present their academic projects, posters and experiments. SCSU Anthropology, Kelly Macauley, says one of the duties of professors and faculty is to make sure students can communicate effectively, especially concerning the research they are doing. This event is a wonderful opportunity for […]

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ETS club helps clean up our environment

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – With spring in full swing, trash that was previously covered beneath the snow is now exposed. Environmentalists say litter is most evident this time of year for that reason. Environmental and Technological Studies (ETS) club strives to keep this litter to a minimum, in order to prevent harm to our environment. ETS President Brittany Fyock says the trash laying […]

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