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Local restaurant damaged after fire

ST. CLOUD, Minn- A St. Cloud restaurant is in recovery today after facing a large kitchen fire last evening. Perkins Restaurant, located near The Crossroads Center, reported a fire at 5:47 p.m. last night. St. Cloud Fire Department was on the scene for around three hours, during which, flames reached a height of ten feet. The fire apparently started in […]

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St. Cloud Arctic Cat Is Upgrading

ST. CLOUD, MN- The Arctic Cat company is investing nearly 27 million dollars to upgrade their facilities in Saint Cloud and Thief River Falls. The investment will add a new state-of-the-art production line that will eventually add more than fifty new jobs. The Saint Cloud plant is adding an enormous amount to their facility. The recent plant is only 6,000 square feet, the […]

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More Crafts, More Competition for Local Businesses

WAITE PARK, Minnesota – April 25 marked an exciting day for craft lovers in Central Minnesota during the grand opening of Hobby Lobby in Waite Park. Although many looked forward to the opening of the craft giant – an Oklahoma based business that has over 700 locations throughout the United States – many were concerned about the effects it would […]

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St. Cloud State University Hosts Its Annual Colloquium At Atwood Memorial Center

More than 400 students and faculty from St. Cloud State University took part in a day-long colloquium to present their academic projects, posters and experiments. SCSU Anthropology, Kelly Macauley, says one of the duties of professors and faculty is to make sure students can communicate effectively, especially concerning the research they are doing. This event is a wonderful opportunity for […]

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Dip Into Creativity

WAITE PARK, Minnesota-  On a Saturday afternoon one might ask themselves “what should we do today?” Well if you’re looking for a fun time away from technology and really going back to old school, Art As You Like it in Waite Park has been stirring up the pot for over twelve years now. “Art as you like it is a walk-in […]

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Parking Behind Controversy

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – St. Cloud State University is just months away from a new program that has already gained much controversy across campus. On Thursday, April 7, a public meeting took place in the Atwood Memorial Center on the campus of St. Cloud State University, giving folks a chance to voice their opinion about the new parking regulations, and hear […]

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Land O’Lakes Seeking Tax Reductions for Expansion

ARDEN HILLS, Min. (AP)- This week, the Minnesota based company Land O’Lakes is looking to get tax reductions of $1.5 million to proceed with an $80 million expansion to its corporate headquarters. Ramsey County, the city of Arden Hills, and Mound View schools will decide whether or not the tax reductions will be granted. If the tax reductions are approved, […]

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Driving Toward New Ideas

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – You probably see taxis zooming around the Granite City every single day. They can be helpful for many purposes, but up until two weeks ago, St. Cloud taxi services were unable to cater to one specific issue in the community. Over the past two weeks, big changes have been speeding into the lanes at Yellow Cab taxi […]

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Elite Taxi Comes Up With Solution To Recruit New Drivers, Also New Cancer Awareness Taxi

Eight months ago, the Elite Taxi Company faced a problem of not finding enough drivers. At the time, they had 6 cabs and vans and couldn’t meet the demand of customers. The owner and CFO of the company, Bryan Baker, says they have increased their fleet to 13 and more than 20 drivers currently work for them. That said, one […]

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Sharia’ Law Prohibits Somalis from Utilizing Loans As Interest Rates Are Haram

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – Paying interest rates in Somalis’ faith is considered unethical in their faith. As a result, unlike other residents or ethical groups, they cannot refer to banks and take advantage of mortgage and other financial aids. The Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity is said to be the only business in the area which sells houses and apartments […]

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