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A store that is keeping on

A local business has packed their bags and has relocated to St. Cloud in efforts to increase their clientele.

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Medical marijuana making its way in and out of St. Cloud

ST. CLOUD, Minn- Monday, St. Cloud was named one of the eight medical marijuana distributors in Minnesota. Along with St. Cloud: Moorhead, Maple Groove, Minneapolis, Hibbing and Rochester are six of the eight. Along with distributors there are manufactures that will be located throughout Minnesota like Otesgo. The distributors are required to be open by July 2016. The questions of […]

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Redbox increases rental rates

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Redbox is raising its DVD rental prices by 25 percent in an effort to wring more revenue from the shrinking audience that still watches movies on discs rather than online. The increase announced Monday means the price to check out a DVD from one of Redbox’s nearly 44,000 in-store kiosks will increase from $1.20 per day […]

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Amby’s says goodbye to Albany after forty years

ALBANY, Minn: Amby’s grocery store in Albany will close its doors at 7:00pm tonight. Amby’s has been contributing to the community in many ways for the last forty years. Just some of the family friendly gifts start with the children. Periodically there are coloring contest for the youth. Don’t worry they don’t let the kids have all the fun. There […]

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Traffic Safety Sessions

ST. CLOUD, Minn.- Schools, businesses and other organizations who are interested in teaching their members about the dangers of intoxicated driving. The Stearns County Sheriff’s office is working together with the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety on demonstrations called “Traffic Safety Sessions” which aim to educate drivers on the dangers of impaired driving. These demonstrations are designed to simulate the experience of drunk […]

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Step Brothers and Qdoba closing

ST. CLOUD Minn.- Two local restaurants have closed in the St. Cloud area. Step Brothers closed their doors for business just yesterday for unknown reasons. Step Brothers was a locally own food stop that specialized in authentic hot dogs and sandwiches. The demenor of Step Brothers reflected the local owners who used awkward family photos to fill up space on […]

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Shootings bring about a new bill

ST. CLOUD, Minn.- Previous shooting incidents such as that at the St Cloud Press bar in March have once again had many concerned on the impact of gun violence in the state. The bipartisan bill, which is currently awaiting action, marks a rare instance where lawmakers are prepared to tighten gun possession restrictions. Statistics from the FBI in 2012 show […]

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Minnesota’s online lottery on its way out

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – Gov. Mark Dayton says it would be “pointless” for him to veto a bill stripping the Minnesota Lottery’s ability to sell tickets online if the Legislature votes convincingly for the restriction. Dayton told The Associated Press on Monday that he hopes lawmakers at least give the lottery adequate time to end its Internet games and […]

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Pregnancy Resource Center hosting annual “Walk for Life”

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – The pregnancy resource center is putting on their annual walk for life Saturday May 5th. The walk starts at nine a.m. at George Lake and all participants walk about two miles to the Pregnancy Resource Center near downtown. The PRC has an annual goal of 80,000 dollars and just last year came up short 525 dollars. This year […]

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A new form of alcohol is causing a stir

ST. CLOUD, Minn.- The federal government said that they made a mistake when giving the approval of the new powder form of alcohol that is call Palcohol. Palcohol was invented by an active man by the name of Mark Phillips. Phillips is a man that loves to bike and hike and he was sick of having to carry his bottles […]

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