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St. Cloud State

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Students voice spark a change

ST. CLOUD, Minnesota: “I believe that we will win, I believe that we will win” those were the chants students were chanting last Thursday night before entering Student Government’s meeting. But what exactly caused the rally? Racial inequality is not only becoming a national issue, but it is something that is happening among students at the St. Cloud State University […]

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Volunteering to a New Level

ST.CLOUD, Minnesota- What do you get when you add one Anthropology St.Cloud State professor and one local resident? A great after school program for children. In 2012, Dr. Kelly Branam worked with her Anthropology class to develop a service learning project. Two SCSU students, Molly Holder and Travis Schueller conducted a needs assessment survey at Sherburne Court apartment. The findings from […]

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SAINT CLOUD Minnesota – The city council members of Saint cloud, approved a bid to destroy the Sauk River dam. The dam is near Whitney park under a  boys scout pedestrian bridge connecting the Sauk River park in Sartell to Whitney park in Saint Cloud. Dennis Larson a contractor,  who is  also the president and CEO of  M.AA.C Inc. in […]

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  ST CLOUD – Minnesota . Today at 1:00pm , Governor Mark Dayton visited  the residents of Saint Cloud for a meeting . The meeting was held in the Mississippi room at the public library.Dayton was here to address concerns of the community. This was his first time coming on an invitation from the Minnesota Chamber of National Association for […]

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Waite Park Begins Collaboration

WAITE PARK, Minnesota – The Waite Park City Council passed a measure to collaborate with St. Cloud State University’s UChoose program on Monday, with the hope of providing a new chance for those who receive underage consumption citations. “It was successful, Chief Bentrude from the Wait Park Police Department emailed me after the meeting and said that the city council […]

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Precautions taken on SCSU campus after Oregon college shooting

  ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – Students at St. Cloud State University got quite the scare this Friday, Oct. 2, when a former SCSU student inadvertently started a rumor that there were people with weapons on campus that intended to use them. The incident falls shortly after the shooting that occurred at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College last week, in which 10 […]

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St. Cloud State University Spends $15000 On Pigeons Deterrent

Director of Facilities Management, John Frischmann, explains that his crews have been working with folks at Miller Center for about two years to try to come up with a system that deters pigeons. For some reasons, pigeons like to roost on the north and south entries of Miller Center where we have a lot of students and public walk. They […]

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SCSU Receives Million Dollar Grant for Rehabilitation and Addiction Counseling Program

Saint Cloud State University will receive a five-year, million dollar federal grant for training rehabilitation and addiction counseling.  The grant period will run from 2015 to 2020 and aims to fund eight, first-year students and eight, second-year students annually. Students who earn their master’s degree in rehabilitation counselor education will receive two years of paid employment with the Minnesota Department […]

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Autumn moon gala

  ST. CLOUD, Minn- Looking for something to do this weekend? Head down to Paramount theater in downtown St. Cloud and attend the Autumn moon Gala on Saturday, October 3. A social hour will begin at six p.m. and following that there will be a comedy show with comedian Wendy Liebman who has appeared on late night talk shows, such as The Tonight […]

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  Bishop Donald Kettler, Bishop of the St Cloud Diocese convened a steering committee in the hopes of creating a single Catholic school. The committee, which was convened at the end of last year is suspected to have a plan that they might present by the end of the year. The plan is to possibly unify the catholic education system […]

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