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Theft in SCSU dorms

St. Cloud, Minn – St. Cloud police were called to the Saint Cloud State University campus Thursday afternoon after multiple reports of property theft. Two suspects were seen leaving the scene of the second of two incidents that involved the theft of electronic devices including laptop computers and Ipods. In a report sent to all students, SCSU stated that the […]

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Birth control recall

One million packets of birth control were recalled by drug company Pfizer. Unintended pregnancies were occurring, because of a packaging error. Pills that are being recalled are Lo/Orval-28 and the generic brand Akrimax. The unintended pregnancies are happening because the pink placebo pills are being packaged were the active ones should be.If you have any of the recalled pills women […]

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Husky football signs 21 letters of intent

    St. Cloud, MN- Yesterday marked National Signing Day for all High School football athletes. Players are allowed to sign letters of intent to play for teams next season and the St Cloud State football team received 21 letters of intent. A couple of key players who signed are RB Kenneth Walker, brother of current Husky player Mike Walker, […]

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Rape tag

In New Ulm fifth graders have found a disturbing new game during recess. It is called rape tag, it is similar to freeze tag except to be unfrozen someone must hip thrust you. The principal of the school sent letters to the parents of fifth graders at the school. Parents were upset once they heard this news. 15-20 parents contacted […]

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Riots in Eygpt

Late Wednesday Riots broke out in Egypt after a soccer game. At first the riots started with fans throwing rocks and chairs at each other, which than the riot became more violent with fires and fighting. Almost 80 people were killed and hundreds were injured, the number of the injured is expected to jump up to  the thousands. After the […]

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On-campus jobs

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Financial aid at St.Cloud State University has now on-campus jobs posting online. Their websites present job opening only on-campus which career service do not posts much now a days. In the beginning of every semester, the notice of job postings are seen around campus. Advertisements like “Now hiring” and “Job available” can found more in every […]

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