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Main Menu — November 21, 2012 at 2:01 pm

SCSU Votes on Homecoming


ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Next week students will take to the polls once again to vote on bringing back a week of events to St. Cloud State University.

Jarrod Wiggins said, “That word is what brings alumni back to campus. They don’t understand what the Celebrate events are, and if we can get them to come back for this one Celebrate event, and get them hooked on it, the goal is that they’ll come back for the remaining three of the year.”

That word is ‘Homecoming’, and students will be voting next week on a referendum that may bring it back as soon as this coming January.

Passage of this referendum doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a Homecoming in the near future. However, students hope the vote will get the school’s higher administration talking about it again.

Wiggins said, “Really not a lot changes, we’re kind of on the path to do this already, we just need the ‘O.K.’ to use this one word that has a different meaning to a lot of different people.

Two years ago, the higher administration decided to cancel Homecoming, leaving students feeling like they had no say in the matter.

Wiggins said, “We weren’t part of the decision making process, so we really don’t feel like we were given the full disclosure as to why this happened.”

However, not all students see a necessity with using the word ‘Homecoming’. Chris Trankel, Huskies After Dark Coordinator for the University Program Board, told us about the negative connotations attached to the word.

Trankel said, “The programs are really good, it was just that that weekend there were a lot of cops, and a lot of minors were given out, and it was a lot of bad things that surrounded Homecoming. So I think just by calling it a ‘Celebrate’, all the programs are still there, everything is still there, it’s just a new name.”

Trankel also told us why he thinks St. Cloud State should stick to doing four Celebrate weeks instead of one Homecoming week.

Trankel said, “I don’t think changing a word to ‘Homecoming’ is going to bring back a lot of the alumni that weren’t already coming. The events that we did for Homecoming are still happening, it’s just that now they are spread out throughout the year and it gives more students a chance to go to more events, and not spend all of our resources on one week.”

Voting takes place Monday through Wednesday next week online, and at the Atwood Memorial Center. Students will receive a link in their e-mails that will allow them to vote on the referendum, as well as vote on the future senators for the Student Government Association.

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