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Business, Local, News, Top Stories, Video — February 19, 2013 at 6:18 pm

New family in town bounces into business


ST. CLOUD, Minn. –

Devin and Melissa Cesnik and their five kids packed up their things and started a new life here in St. Cloud.

The family spent twenty hours together in a vehicle on their way from Washington. That twenty hours was the first of many hours that they’ll now get to spend together here in St. Cloud.

The couple reopened Bounce Depot, in Waite Park, which closed earlier this year. After only a few weeks of knowing about the business opportunity, Devin and Melissa decided to jump into business, and they made the move.

After spending twelve years in the Air Force, Devin decided it was time to retire. He was also diagnosed with asthma and a few other medical issues that came up last summer, making the decision to retire a little easier for him.

Devin grew up in the St. Cloud area, and Melissa is originally from Northern California, and they believe that their new life is the doing of a higher power.

Devin said, “This opportunity was definitely part of God’s plan for us, because I never wanted to move back to Saint Cloud, not because there is anything wrong with it, but for my military career we’ve been stationed in places that have nice, big, gorgeous mountains, and the temperatures were a little bit more on the mild side. All were great things in my mind. Moving back to Minnesota was a sacrifice as far as desires were concerned, but as far as for what God would have for us – being together as a family – this provided that opportunity for us.”

Devin gained some valuable experiences from his time in the military, but he also missed out on some experiences with his family.

Devin said, “My wife was pretty much raising our son alone. I’d get little snippets of time with him, and really missed out on a lot of milestones, and we can never get those moments back, but I signed up and volunteered to do it, so I knew it wasn’t without sacrifice.”

Melissa, who spent nine years running a daycare of her own, is especially excited about the new opportunity.

Melissa said, “I’m excited that we can do this as a family, and I’m really excited that he’ll be out of the military, and we get to kind of pick where we live. We’ll be able to be close to family. Our kids don’t really know their grandparents, or aunts and uncles or anything, and a big thing is family for us, so it’s really nice that we get that opportunity.”

Devin expects things with the people at the Bounce Depot to be a little different from how they were with people in the military. Each group has different life experiences, and the age different is also very apparent.

Devin said, “I often joke that a lot of my people that I worked with sometimes acted like children, so it’s not that much different, but their just so innocent. It’s refreshing, as opposed to working with people that have kind of become jaded, naturally, or a little bit cynical about the world.”

The couple also plans on changing the name of the business very soon, to reflect that there are new managers. They will be changing the name to Bounce Adventure once a new logo is made for the front of the building. While the shirts they wear do say Bounce Adventure, their Facebook page still holds the name of Bounce Depot.

Aside from the name change, the couple also plans on making changes to how the business operates. If parents want to drop off their kids while they go to run errands, or go to workout at a nearby gym, they can do that. They also plan on having healthy food options available catered in from local businesses for birthday parties.

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