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Local, News, Top Stories — March 1, 2013 at 2:43 pm

Closet grabs attention during Pride Week


ST. CLOUD, Minn.- Today is the last day of Pride Week on St. Cloud State University campus, and one of the events includes a closet that has been up all week long.

The closet was used to demonstrate the many fears people have while in the closet before they choose to come out.  It was full of many stories, as well as hateful words that many of the LGBT community have heard.

The outside of the wall was meant to symbolize the light after coming out.  There were mostly positive comments written on the outside of the closet to give support.

“The wall has definitely grabbed attention from many students and was used to raise awareness of the concept of coming out of the closet and the struggles some go through,” expressed Outreach Coordinator Christopher Benjamin.

There were messages all over the outside of the closet, although there were some negatives, there was dialogue going on between people still bringing attention to the matter and proving that there are still hateful words being thrown out there. People were encouraged to write positive signs too that would be put on display.

“I wrote the fact that love is a verb and an act of doing something, and nothing can change that.  Everyone can love no matter who you are,” explains St. Cloud community member Devin Hoheniem about the sign he put up.

Events have been going on all week, and the final event was an interactive presentation called Drag Bootcamp, a trip in heels.

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