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News — March 4, 2013 at 5:20 pm

Seasonal wellness


ST. CLOUD, MN– The month of March usually means Spring is right around the corner. Despite recent snow fall there are ways that you can start getting back in shape for the spring season.

Central Minnesota hosted a wellness convention at the River’s Edge Convention Center Saturday afternoon. Event coordinator Rachel Lolmasteymaugh talked about the event being one that doesn’t just focus on exercising for your personal wellness, but this event allows “…people in the St. Cloud area to talk with diet, fitness and even financial professionals.” Other aspects of wellness were represented at this expo including dentists and eye doctors.

This event was for all ages, and “…a great way to bring the community together.” said Tyler Scepaniak a fitness trainer from MidTown Fitness. “It’s awesome to see all of these different wellness experts in one room, we’re all supportive of each other to help the community.”

Exercising is important but perhaps the most important is your diet. “You can’t out exercise a bad diet.” Angie Williamson dietitian and owner of My Personal RD said. Her booth consisted of the benefits of having whole grains in your diet. “We get a lot of the nutrients we need from whole grains.”

Trampolines from AirMax

The event also had trampolines curiosity of AirMax. For those who dared they were able to strap on a harness that projectiles them into the air when they bounce up and down on the trampoline.

If that didn’t get your attention Caryn Locke from Caryn’s Studio in Waite Park put on a live Zumba dance session on stage allowing the audience get in a quick workout.

Audience engaging in a live Zumba session

Zumba is a dance program that consists of dance and aerobic elements to up beat music. “Many people ask me if they need to be athletically coordinated to do Zumba, and I tell them that it’s something for all ages. I have 7 year olds all they way up to 70 year olds in my studio.” Caryn said.

Regardless of if Mother Nature will ever allow Spring and Summer arrive you can start becoming more healthy by exercising more and changing your diet. If the gym isn’t for you try Zumba. Dancing for just 10minutes a day can help you get back in shape.

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