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News, St. Cloud State — March 5, 2013 at 7:09 pm

Award given to SCSU; second in one month


ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Less than a month after winning an award for creating more opportunities for students to study out of the country, St. Cloud State University has won another.  This time it’s for creating a diverse education in campus classes.

SCSU is used to giving out all kinds of awards to students.  However, a school isn’t usually recognized as a whole.

Students from all over the world attend SCSU, an honor that over 1,000 students have this semester. Now, it’s time to honor St. Cloud State for being here for it’s students.

Ann Radwan, Associate Vice President for International Affairs, says that the awards have not come easily, especially the Simon award, the university’s which was the award most recently given.

“This award is basically for comprehensive internationalization.”

Radwan adds that the hopes of winning ran high, but also were realistic.

“It’s hard work- it involves the work of faculty, staff, and administrators. Everyone’s busy, but everyone finds the time to do it, so it’s an encouragement as opposed to something else. We thought that the work of the faculty and staff under the leadership of President Potter deserved to be recognized.  Of course when applying for an award, one is always hopeful, but never sure.”

As for next year, Radwan says that the university hopes to not necessarily win again, but just to improve even more.

“Well, I don’t think one can do it year by year, I think it’s basically something that allows one to make one’s self more international or do things even better.  It’s nice to be recognized for what you have done, but it is an impetus (force) to do more and to do better, and to set firmer foundations.”

SCSU is one of five universities across the nation to win the Simon Award. The award is named after the late Senator Paul Simon from Illinois, who supported learning foreign languages and international education.

Radwan was also a chair of a committee that was made up of eight people to try and increase internationalization at St. Cloud State University, which was started about 3 years ago. She also says that the university is trying to do is change the name from study abroad to education abroad, which would not only include schooling, but also internships and job opportunities for students that come to St. Cloud State from other countries as well as for students that are from the United States while they travel to other countries.

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