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Local, News, Top Stories, Video — March 5, 2013 at 6:05 pm

City of St. Cloud Braces for Snow Emergency


ST. CLOUD, Minn. –

City workers and business owners alike are digging in to help remove some of the snow covering up roads and sidewalks in St. Cloud.

John Johnson, a local business owner said, “I’ve been out shoveling twice so far this morning. Once before the plows came through, and then once afterwards.”

While the workers have been trying to clear off the pavement all day, things can get a little harder with cars on the road, so a snow emergency was called.

Dave Kleis, mayor of St. Cloud, said, “A snow emergency, all that does, instead of giving a ticket for illegally parking, it allows the ability for it to be towed.”

Thankfully for St. Cloud citizens, that means that all parking rules that are normally in place will stay the same throughout the seventy-two hour snow emergency.

After cars have been moved from the street, the snow emergency still serves another purpose.

Kleis said, “It heightens awareness of the importance of making sure people use caution when they’re driving, and if it’s not absolutely necessary to be driving, they shouldn’t be out driving.”

As for business owners trying to keep their sidewalks cleared, they are also concerned about safety.

Johnson said, “It’s got to be inviting, open. They’ve got to feel like they can safely get in and out of your business without breaking their necks.”

The mayor collaborates with a few city administrators, as well as a meteorologist to determine the importance of declaring a snow emergency.

Snow plows are sent out into the roads after a few inches of snow have fallen, as well as when ice is covering the roads, so that the plows can sand, salt, or chemically treat the roads.

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