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News, State/Region — March 6, 2013 at 4:48 pm

Everlasting Drought


Minnesota- All of the snow were getting our grounds should be moist, but that won’t even help the everlasting drought that we are in. Minnesota has an extremely dry soil condition and it’s spreading everywhere. In a rough estimate 70 percent of Minnesota is in extreme drought or severe drought.  “All of the snow that has fallen over the winter by and large remains on top of the landscape, a landscape that is largely frozen,” he said. “Now the dust remains beneath the concrete,” said Greg Spoden, the state climatologist. Other than all the winter precipitation that’s just a little above average for much of the state and above historic levels for parts of west-central and north-central Minnesota, soil moisture still remains near its all-time lows in much of the state. Abundant spring rain is needed to recharge the soil. The average March through May rainfall in Minnesota ranges from six to eight inches. “If we get at least that, we’ll be fine for the spring planting season,” Spoden said. “But to replenish those desperately dry subsoils, we’ll have to exceed that six- to eight-inch amount.” The latest performance from the Climate Prediction Center, a branch of the National Weather Service, calls for above average precipitation from March through May for the eastern half of Minnesota and for equal chances of above or below normal precipitation for the western half.

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