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Local, National, News, St. Cloud State, State/Region — April 9, 2011 at 12:36 pm

Facebook: The Addiction


Social media is taking over the way we communicate with one another.  Ever since the invention of Facebook, it’s been easy to write on the walls of our friends, tag photos for our memories, and update statuses to inform the world about our activities.  Balil Mohammed takes it to the next level.

“I use Facebook every day,” Mohammed said. “Multiple, multiple times a day.”

Psychologists are calling the disease Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD). A new disease that has quickly gone from being a problem, to becoming a worldwide epidemic.  Statistics on show 1 in 13 people use Facebook worldwide for a grand total of about 500 million active users.  According to an online blog at, 350 million of those people reported their use had some compulsive patterns as well as addictive characteristics.  Even Mohammed’s roommate is beginning to notice his need to constantly check Facebook.

“My roommate was telling me that if there was such a thing as Facebook rehab, you’d be good for it,” Mohammed said.

Facebook isn’t just another fad destined to die out.  We can even see how college students, like St. Cloud State University freshman Alex Kennedy, abuse their Facebook privileges.

“Usually when I’m supposed to be typing a paper,” Kennedy said.  “I always have Facebook up and I’m always going back and forth so I don’t get a lot done.”

College students are the highest demographic to use Facebook as 48% of people from the ages of 18-24 use Facebook on a daily basis.  If you think you have a problem with Facebook addiction please contact your local doctor or physician for help or diagnosis.  Logging on to Facebook can be hazardous.  Are you addicted?

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Author: Reporter Davey Johnson

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