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Local, News, Video — November 2, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Future construction plans for Sartell


Sartell, MN- Planning is in motion for two separate road construction projects in Sartell that are expected to take up to two years to complete. Both of the safety improvements will effect Stearns County Road 120.

The first project consists of constructing two roundabouts on County Road 120, and is set to begin June of 2012. Jodi Teich, Assistant County Highway Engineer explains where the roundabouts will be located.

“The project will involve putting roundabouts at the intersections of Centra Care Circle and 50th Avenue. The rest of the road will have a median down the middle making any other accesses to the road right in right out only, there will be no left turning traffic except for at each of those roundabouts.”

This prompts concern for businesses around the area about future costumer access to and from their company.

“Our primary concern is that our customers have good ingress and egress, good access, so they can easily get to us and easily find us,” said Dick Hennen, of Hennen Furniture.

Once the roundabouts are complete, MnDOT will begin a second project which includes creating a diverging diamond intersection at Highway 15 and County Road 120.

MnDOT District 3 Engineering Specialist, Cluadia Dumont explains how the intersection will work once it’s finished.

“Highway 15 traffic will drop down and travel under County Road 120, the county road traffic will be on a bridge, and what that does is it makes the intersection operate more efficiently and much more safely,” she said.

With Hennen Furniture being right on the corner of Highway 15 and County Road 120, the company will be majorly effected by the interchange.

“We get a lot of costumers from out of town, as far as away as Canada even, and these are the kind of people that if they turn off and get in a complicated situation all they want to do is get back on the highway again. Obviously people from the local area will become familiar with it, but we depend on a broad market base for our costumers,” Hennen said.

Unlike other states, Minnesota roads have yet to see anything like a diverging diamond interchange.

“What’s interesting about this project is that it’s a new concept as far as interchanges, the design is something that hasn’t been built in Minnesota before. There are several of this design open now in other states, but this is the first in this area,” said Dumont.

The completion of both projects is expected to be in 2013.

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