A Review of HCG Drops: Which is the Right Choice for You?

You must have heard it or seen the HCG drops that have taken the internet world by storm, as more and more people look for detailed information about it. Generally, for those who do not know, the diet is a painless, non-invasive formula of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. One of the most distinctive elements that make the diet different from others in the market is in the intake program and the fact that it comes with a 500, 800, or 1200, calorie consumption approach, thus the HCG drops diet name. The natural hormonal supplement has shown tremendous results for people struggling to lose weight by acting as a synthetic alternate to the hormone produced by pregnant women. The treatment promotes weight loss by burning excessive fats in the waist, thighs and arms giving a holistic weight loss. Besides, the protocol allows weight loss while protecting muscles from being lost. In fact, the diet is more of a pure fat loss, where one becomes learner, but with more muscle, allowing for stronger metabolism which helps people maintain their weight loss even after completing the diet.

What are hCG Drops?

HCG drops is a treatment formula where the HCG hormone, normally found in pregnant women is administered into the human body and plays the role of regulating the metabolism rate. The drops usually come with a calorie diet program, which accelerates calorie intake, thus increased weight loss. The treatment is normally administered in two methods, one is the recommended original intake via injection formulated as early as 1950s and 60 by Dr. Simeons or the new painless and relatively effective one administered sublingually i.e. under the tongue.

HCG Drops proven to work in clinical studies

It is true that FDA does not sanction HCG as a weight loss treatment. However, several doctors and weight loss clinics all over the world recommend HCG drop as the ideal jump-start to living a healthy lifestyle, free of excessive weight baggage. Doctors recommend a 150 to 200 IUs intake per day of the real HCG diet, due to the high concentration contained in the pharmaceutical grade drops. After intake, the hormone is directly absorbed into the bloodstream for effective weight loss through the capillaries found under the tongue.


How Does hcg drops work For Weight Loss?

Contrary to other weight loss formulas, the HCG drops have been around for more than five decades and targets the problems that prevent people from the stubborn weight that won’t just go away. Once the hormone is ingested into the bloodstream, it acts by boosting the body’s metabolism as well as the hypothalamus allowing it to stay active even when on diet. Research shows that the hypothalamus regulates the metabolism by either slowing or increasing its rate, which directly affects the body’s appetite rate. Somehow, this means, the brain part is due to get tired and may be slow down, which results in the body asking for more energy in form of calorie consumption. However, the HCG hormone present in the HCG diet drops directly counteracts these effects due to the presence of calories in the supplements. Most importantly, though, for the treatment to be successful, one must make sure that they purchase only the pure, real HCG as it is the only one that contains enough hormones for effective weight loss.

How to Use the HCG Drops

HCG diet drop weight loss treatment is the most effective, but it requires strict adherence to the diet method. Fundamental to the intake, it is recommended that users take 150 IUs of HCG daily, together with a diet program as outlined in the treatment plan. As opposed to the original protocol, the 700 calories daily consumption allows intake of proteins, fruits and vegetables which effectively allows people to shed more than four times total weight as compared to dieting only.

Conclusion and Recommendation

So are you are one of those people who have been struggling to do everything right to shed off the excess weight and notice nothing has been working? HCG is the breakthrough, the real deal, the savior from the daunting questions from your colleagues and friends. All you need is to take your HCG diet drops simultaneously with the low calorie diet in order to suppress your appetite and accelerate weight loss. And the results are simply amazing with no side effects.