An introduction to CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of numerous servers that provides content to you in least possible time. It is the necessity of the website to load as fast as possible and provides content or data as soon as possible. This is why CDN has been used in the networking industry. It also helps in optimizing the bandwidth as well as in allowing the audience to access their services.

What is CDN?

Wiki CDN is a content delivery network that is strategically located all around the world at specific geographic location. The purpose of distributing the network is to speed up the transfer rate of the data and files. All the servers are interconnected with each other as well as with the prime server. This network helps in reducing the load on the prime server by making the content available on the different local servers.  Doing so also reduces the request time as well as response time which is very much in demand these days.

How the network does works?

When a user makes a request for a certain file, the server that is present closest to the geographic location of the user responds to the request of the user. The server searches for the desired file and provides the user with desired file, but if the local server doesn’t have the file then the local server request the file from prime server and then make it available to the user. These local servers act a barrier between user and the prime server. Doing so reduces the load from prime server making it more efficient and quick while processing different tasks. The requested file is retrieved from the prime server and saved on the local server. The saved file is then made available to the user. Doing so also increases the security factor that can’t be compromised at any cost.