Claims Manager, The Time Saving Solution!

JDi Data is continuously developing innovative solutions to help businesses manage risks why saving time and money.  One software solution is the cloud-based application called Claims Manager. JDi Data, a South Florida-based company, has been engineering and developing solutions for insurances claims management for over 20 years. Claims Manager is user-friendly software that successfully serves as a tool for tracking, managing and adjusting all self-administered claims.

Managing claims is vital to all businesses. For large and small business alike, it is important to develop strategies and reduce cost keeping in mind the client. Making arrangements for damage repairs and determining claims amongst other things is time-consuming. Thus, Claims Manager is the perfect tool for companies to organize and strategize claims. Claims Manager is useful because it reduces times which and can be used elsewhere.  

Claims Managers has a multitude of key features that contributes to its functionality. Users will find this system is easy to maneuver because of the dashboard feature. The customizable dashboard allows users to take a quick preview of relevant data.  Each user can update and personalize their dashboard by selecting the specific snapshot of which clients and claims they need. The dashboard feature is ideal for companies to stay organized and well managed.

Keeping it cooperative with all of JDi Data software, Claims Manager promotes paperless documentation. There is no need to jot everything down with the traditional pen and paper, in Claims Manager everything is electronic. All system-generated reports and forms are automatically archived in electronic filing. JDi Data Claims Manager delivers real-time financial reporting and analysis. Claims Manager allows access to ready-made report, as well as customized financial reporting. The system layout and functionality makes it easier to share these numbers and reports with other system users.

Companies suffering damages or loss can be quite complex to endure, however, it is the structure of which Claims Managers was designed. Claims Manager has been implemented to take the stress away by governing secure entry and access of claims to all on a multi-user platform.