Couple of Amazing Programs In The Guinness World Records

The Guinness Book of World Records may be the world’s most copyrighted book offered on the planet as well as in this method that earns an entry within its very own pages. Today, we’ve programs on the television featuring Guinness records. Personally, i spare considerable time to look at these programs which include on my small Dish Network. Here are a few of these which I must share. A few of the records are listed below.


We may have took in towards the the newest album released by Adele known as 21. This album is the first album within the United kingdom chart history for 3 million copies being offered inside a twelve months. In addition Adele may be the first female to possess two singles and 2 albums in United kingdom 5 best concurrently. It was achieved only by Beatles formerly around 1963. Personally, i like two songs from her albums. ‘Someone like you’ and ‘Rolling in Deep’. Rihanna is just about the first female singer to possess United kingdom No.1 singles in five consecutive years together with her singles consistently. She’s been achieving the main place each year from 2007 to 2011 – beginning with ‘Rude Boy’ and many lately ‘Only Girl’.

In other fields, Guinness Records have lately confirmed a lady named Pauline Potter from Sacramento, California is the heaviest lady living. Pauline states she’s acquired this title to ensure that she will keep herself fit. Pauline is 47 years of age and weighs 291.6 kgs based on Guinness Records. Also, through getting her entry in to the Guinness Records, first of all, she’ll obtain a physician or perhaps a nutritionist who may help her slim down as she’s fed up with being oversized. Initially, she would like to get involved with the records to be the most heavy lady and next she loves to break another record for weight reduction too.


Hugh Laurie, a well known personality both in TV and films, claims is the world’s most viewed good guy around the television. He presently earns about $250,000 per episode. And then, a Hollywood celebrity lately earned about $35,000 and be the greatest compensated actor, female, on the planet from June 2009 to June 2010. This really is in the one and only the gorgeous and intelligent lead actor, Sandra Bullock, that has done lots of movies like Miss Congeniality, The Proposal, Crash, About Steve, The Blind side and so forth. We have youthful stars from Hollywood today who bring home a substantial amount. Angus T. Johnson is simply 17 years of age and that he continues to be the greatest compensated TV child star. He earns $150,000 a chapter. As the greatest compensated Teen Actress is ‘The iCarly Star’, Miranda Cosgrove.

Super Wan Wan Circus located in Tsukuba City includes a display to the audience as well as an amazing entry in to the World Records. It is only unbelievable to create 13 dogs skip on one rope. Uchida Geinousha makes this possible. It’s stated the 2012 Guinness World Records has gone out now featuring probably the most wonderfully peculiar records ever achieved by man or animal. It discusses a guy named Take advantage of Shell with a massive assortment of Daleks. For any better understanding, Dalek is really a strange and frightening creature which features around the British television program ‘Dr. Who’. It features a metal body and therefore doesn’t show any feelings, always follows orders and kill people. Take advantage of Shell is all about 49 years of age. He’s about 571 types of these, which is designed to function as the largest collection on the planet.

In recent occasions, Guinness has incorporated lots of competitions from weightlifting, longest egg tossing distance, quantity of hotdogs consumed inside a specified time, eating competitions, tallest and shortest man or lady on the planet, earliest person, longest fingernails and so forth. The programs are featured on tv channels and therefore are just worth watching.