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Dianabol PCT: What Is The Right Way To Use It?


Dianabol, which is also known as Methandrostenolone these days, is the steroid used to build your body mass and strength very fast. Dianabol post cycle therapy, or simply Dianabol PCT, is the method by which you get rid of the stress that you undergo after consuming Dianabol.

Dianabol is usually taken for a few consecutive weeks and then its use is stopped for some time, for trying to balance or limit the side-effects to a minimum.  Dianabol is taken as pills and so no injection is involved with it. It boosts your body mass by 5 to 15 pounds in around 6 weeks, and can increase your strength too.

A 6-week course is mostly recommended and then use of the Dianabol is stopped for a period of few weeks and then again started back. This is due to the severe side-effects that Dianabol can have with prolonged usage.

The side-effects are as follows:

  • As Dianabol boosts the mass and strength of the body so much, a huge hormonal imbalance takes place in the body.
  • Dianabol is known to cause high blood pressure.
  • Dianabol creates bad cholesterol and suppresses the good cholesterol.
  • Dianabol can cause mood swings in the person taking it, as other steroids in the market do.
  • Dianabol can bring on early onset of male baldness pattern, which can happen to men and women both.
  • Another important side-effect of Diabol is that it can lower the testosterone level in users, which, in turn, brings up the level of estrogen. Therefore, problems like development of breast tissues are also seen in men.
  • It is also harmful to the liver. As you can only consume it orally via pills, it mixes easily with your blood stream without losing its properties and has a negative impact on the liver.

Therefore, abstaining from Dianabol for a period of time is important when one has been consuming it for a while, to limit its side-effects to the minimum. It gives your body time to recover from the stress it went through while you were consuming Dianabol. Once you have got Oxandrolone and Testosterone stack, you can restart it again.

Dianabol is the go-to-performance-enhancing steroid for many athletes, and is also known as Dbol in the streets.