Don’t miss these facts about using HGH supplements!

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The pituitary gland in the body produces growth hormones, which are important for a number of different functions, including development of bones, muscles, and tissues. In rare cases, the body might not make enough of growth hormones as required, which is treated with hormone replacement therapy that often involves using HGH injections and supplements. Since HGH can help in bone and muscle development, many bodybuilders and athletes are interested in using these supplements. If you are a fitness enthusiast, here are some of the things you need to know.

Legal aspects of HGH

Any form of artificial hormone is dangerous for the body in many ways and can impact the entire endocrine system. No wonder, the sale of HGH supplements are highly regulated. In fact, in most countries, including the US, HGH injections are only available on prescription. Of course, athletes and bodybuilders often find ways to access these products, and this practice has led to many scandals in the world of sports. The best known recent case is that of Peyton Manning’s, who was accused of allegations of taking human growth hormone, which he denied. In short, taking HGH for nonmedical purposes is neither recommended nor advisable.

Things to note

There are two kinds of HGH products in the market – injections and enhancers. HGH injections are used for treating conditions, where the person’s body doesn’t make enough of HGH as needed. These contain synthetic hormones, which add to the potency. Injected hormones can impact the major organs and the hormone-producing glands in many ways, and therefore, the sale of these products for fitness needs is prohibited. The second option is HGH boosters. These don’t have synthetic hormones but are designed to influence the function of the pituitary gland, so as to enhance the production of GH. While these enhancers and boosters are completely legal, you have to be a little more careful about using them. Too much of growth hormone in the body can lead to many other side effects.

If you are an athlete, be careful of using HGH supplements. Keep in mind that the tests for doping are only getting better, and it’s wise to be cautious than sorry. For buying online, check the product reviews in detail. Make sure that you consider the right stack, especially if you are also using steroids. HGH is not meant to be a bulking steroid, which is something worth considering.