Faking Your Lawn: 7 Steps To Fake Grass Installation

You’ve made up your mind to invest in synthetic grass. You’ve realized that it’s not worth your time and money to maintain a natural lawn to save water and spare yourself from surprising water penalties. And now that you’ve tapped a professional installer, it would be a smart idea to know the steps in fake grass installation.

Artificial Grass Installation

Installing a high quality synthetic grass from a trusted supplier such as Australian Synthetic Lawns is a smart decision because it will free up your time on lawn maintenance and will save you money on water bills. Check out these 7 steps in artificial grass installation.

  1. Site Preparation

First, your hired professional fake grass installer will prepare your lawn, remove specs of dirt and unwanted landscaped beds, and hardscapes before he begins with the installation process. The site preparation is actually one of the most important steps to achieve a successful synthetic lawn.

  1. Laying of Weed Barrier

After preparing the site, the contractor will install a weed barrier or fabric lining over the area to allow water to draw in to the soil horizontally and vertically. The barrier also prevents the soil from combining in with the aggregates. And of course, it prevents weeds and other unwanted grasses to tunnel through your new grass lawn.

  1. Installation of Aggregate Base

Next, your artificial grass contractor will lay a 3-inch layer of decomposed granite or aggregate base over the barrier in order to the grass level and deliver a solid foundation below the synthetic turf. It helps the turf to withstand a great amount of foot traffic, makes way for a good drainage and protects it from rigorous weather conditions.

  1. Synthetic Turf Prep 

The contractor will cut the right size of synthetic turf to suit the different areas in order to minimize unnecessary seems as much as possible. After that, the synthetic turf is then delivered in front of your door in rolls. Prior to the installation of your fake grass, your professional installer will unroll and fluff the grass up.

  1. Installation of the Synthetic Turf

This time, your contractor and the team will install your fake lawn and attach it with nails, stapes and glow whenever necessary. They put serious attention in all the edges in order to lay out the grass properly and ensure that there would be no visible seam lines and bubbles.

  1. Adding Infill

Your turf installer will add infill made out of pet deodorizer, natural sand or antimicrobial sand infill to your lawn in order to keep the blades standing up still. This will help the synthetic turf to last longer and keep the surface much cooler.

  1. Installation Wrap Up


After adding infill to your lawn, your contractor will groom the grass to smooth the infill out using a machine groomer. They will also use a leaf blower in order to clean up extra infill. Also, they will check the blades, seams and edges for uneven lengths.

So, are you now interested to install a synthetic turf in your front yard or backyard? If yes, you would surely want to purchase affordable synthetic grass for lawns from Australian Synthetic Lawns and hire their professional installers for a complete makeover of your yard.