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FAQS About Obtaining a Graphic Design Minor in Iowa  

Once you have decided on a career path, you will need to obtain the skills and education that you need to work in that field. In some cases, different career paths overlap with different educational courses that are offered. Depending on the career path you are looking at, obtaining a graphic design undergraduate in Iowa may be beneficial to you. But once you have determined to take graphic design courses, you must determine whether to obtain a major or a minor. Here are a few of the question you may have about making this decision.

Who Would Benefit From Obtaining a Graphic Design Minor?

If you are looking to work as a graphic designer, a web designer, an art director or a marketing manager, you will want a major in graphic design undergraduate in Iowa. However, if you are looking to work in any of the fields that work with these individuals, such as marketing positions or communications positions, having a graphic design minor can be beneficial to you.

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How Can a Graphic Design Undergraduate Minor Benefit You?

When you work in marketing or communications-based positions, you often use graphic design to help with your clients campaigns. Having a general understanding of how graphic design works, and being able to design basic designs can be beneficial. It can help avoid having to hire an expensive graphic design artist for simple campaigns, and it can help you to better communicate with a graphic design artist what the client’s vision is on more in-depth campaigns.

What Are the Major Differences Between a Graphic Design Major and Minor?

The biggest difference between a graphic design minor and major is the amount of time that you spend completing the course work. As such, the skill level between the two also varies. When you participate in a minor program, you are actually taking the first portion of the coursework that someone obtaining their major would also take. However, due to the shortened length of time, you simply learn the basics, rather than more in-depth techniques and skills. When you take a major program, you continue on past the minor program to learn more skills and techniques.

Those who are looking to go into marketing or communications work can benefit from obtaining a graphic design undergraduate in Iowa through a minor program. This is because these fields work heavily with graphic design, so having these skills can give you a leg up on other job seekers without these skills. If you are interested in learning more about graphic design courses, contact Upper Iowa University today. We can help you determine which classes are most beneficial to you based on the career path you have chosen.