Find An Iron Friend In New Progo Scooter With Propane Technology

The major problem with mechanical devices lies in their less desirable impact on our environment. Most mechanically powered machines often release harmful gases to the atmosphere due to the nature of their fuel. This has been a very big global issue and there is a rising concern on how to produce more efficient machines with more pollution control in order to preserve the environment. For some decades, efforts have been made to design and develop machines with alternative clean fuel technology. It is to this end that the Progo scooter was developed to meet the need for a powerful scooter that has a less environmental impact like the electric scooters and high performance like the traditional gasoline-powered scooters.

Get more economical and healthier with progo 3000

Progo 3000 scooter is a product of Pro Go, an emerging Los Angeles-based company. The vehicle has a weight of 35 pounds (lbs) and can go up to 20 miles per hour (mph). It is mainly powered by propane, which is stored in a cylinder. The use of propane as a source of fuel for this progo 3000 makes the vehicle suitable for use both indoor and outdoor, unlike conventional scooters that run on gasoline. Being a source of clean fuel, propane is economically viable than other scooter fuel sources available. Thus,progo 3000 is approved by the EPA and CARB and will make a very good investment for every scooter enthusiasts. Furthermore, Progo scooter is quite cost effective. With about $300 to $400, you can get your own machine.

Progo 3000 Propane Scooter Reviews

Let’s do a quick Progo 3000PS review.



  • Scooter capacity is 1.25 quintals
  • Comes with a 3 months warranty
  • Body is built from steel
  • Has a load capacity of up to 200 lbs
  • Comes with a replaceable gas container
  • Vehicle can cover up to 64 Km per charge
  • Fairly light weight (Just 35 dry pounds weight)


  • The lightweight of the progo makes it more comfortable to use than most conventional scooters
  • Designed with a fast tank filling system, which ensures continuous movement and reduces the times for recharging battery
  • The scooter is easier to maintain than electric and gasoline scooters
  • Unlike most electric scooters, progo 3000PS does not require expensive battery replacement and has a lesser battery charge time.
  • Its 4 stroke engine tends to make less noise compared to high pitched 2 stroke engines utilized in traditional gas scooters
  • Propane is eco-friendly and more affordable with a standard quality, which is not common with gasoline. Some gasoline may be of very low quality. These fuels contain substances, which are harmful to human health or destructive to the vehicle’s spark plug.
  • Generally, progo has lower carbon emission than gasoline powered scooters and as such does not pollute the environment like them
  • Designed with a comfortable driving system and does not vibrate like most gasoline vehicles


  • The utilization of a smaller fuel-air mixture in the propane cylinder of Progo 3000PS leads to a drop in its maximum power.
  • Due to the lower caloric value of propane, the Progo scooter tends to consume more fuel (propane) than gasoline powered vehicles (about 10{b2bc100b1c12b4b2b9aadd2d4fbab50465594468afbe9065cbeb379547a5485d}). However, the cheap price and availability of propane should make up for this. Perhaps it is only a 10{b2bc100b1c12b4b2b9aadd2d4fbab50465594468afbe9065cbeb379547a5485d} difference. If you ask me, I would say this shouldn’t be a problem at all.