Halal Certification: The Different Type and Benefits

In order for a factory, restaurant or a company to market themselves as offering halal food or other products, it must pass an extensive halal certification process. Since the procedure to obtain Halal certification is tough call, professionals from Halalxpert can really help you get the certification. At the end of the halal accreditation process, the business receives a global recognition that their services fully comply with the rules and regulations.

Types of Halal Certification

Based on the nature of the business, the form of Halal certification varies. Most frequently, Halal certification is obtained for places like (1) hotels, (2) restaurants, (3) packaging, (4) slaughtering houses, and (5) labeling materials to ensure they are appropriate to be visited / used by Muslim consumers. However, Halal certification is not restricted to the food produce only. (1) Non-alcohol beverage, (2) raw materials needed in food processing, (3) health care and pharmaceutical products, (4) traditional herbal products, (5) cosmetics and personal care products, (6) cleaning products and daily consumable products can also obtain Halal Certificate. Therefore, Halal Certification can usually be obtained from Halal Certification Bodies – broadly under the following schemes:

  • Food, Beverage and Catering Scheme
  • Restaurant Scheme
  • Industrial Scheme
  • Abattoir Scheme
  • Warehouse or Storage Scheme
  • Product Endorsement Scheme

Benefits of Halal Certification

Obtaining Halal Certification has various benefits and could provide an edge for a business amongst competitors. The following are some of the major advantages of obtaining Halal Certification for a business or product:

  • Use of the Halal logo
  • Make the business or product marketable to over 2 billion people across the world
  • Enhance the marketability of the product in Muslim countries
  • Improve the quality of the food or product or hygienic systems
  • Improve the quality of the food or product

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