Handheld console-feature you should check before buying

The major manufacturers of the video game consoles include Nintendo, Microsoft, as well as Sony. Some customers may already have little idea of the game console for which they are looking for, or others may be confused and not even know where to begin from. While the buying process may seem overwhelming at first time, with the right kind of research, there should be no problem at all. Any of the three main brands could be the best purchase which depends on how the customer is planning on using the game console.

Hardcore gamers use to focus on speed and high-end graphics, whereas the casual users are more concerned about the ease of use and simple gameplay. Instead of evaluating all of the important features in each brand of game consoles, some features are discussed below that are important when buying any video game console. These handheld consoles can be purchased at different electronics shops, department stores, as well as online websites. The features that should always be evaluated while purchasing includes video quality, games, motion capturing, audience, and storage.

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Types of Video Game Consoles

The main handheld console competitors include the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, as well as Sony PlayStation. Depending upon the types of games going to be played, a different game system is recommended.

  1.    Nintendo Wii

important features of the Nintendo Wii has a motion sensing control system, Wii remote, built-in Wi-Fi networking, built-in solid state memory, a memory card that can accept an SD card, two USB ports, along with ATI graphics. The motion sensing control system has the ability to measure different direction, in which way the remote is pointing, and how fast they are moving forward. The built-in Wi-Fi networking is very easily connected to home broadband for the purpose of online gaming. The memory card slot provides a space for your extra memory and for the photos that has to be displayed on the screen.

  1.    Microsoft Xbox 360

Features that are important to the Xbox 360 includes a ring of light and Xbox guide button, Xbox Live, Xbox Live marketplace, digital entertainment as well as the ability to personalize. The ring of light is the main power button and the Xbox guide button allows the customer to instantly access downloadable media content for a game that is currently being played. Xbox Live comes in two different types of versions that are silver, which is the free version, and gold. The gold version has all the possible features and the ability to play games online. The digital entertainment feature allows the customer to upload different photos, music, as well as view DVDs.

  1.    Sony Playstation 3

Sony Playstation 3 is the very first video game console that uses cell broadband engine, thus providing the system the ability to work very fast in order to provide the best viewing and gaming experiences. Numerous types of accessories for the Playstation 3 have been developed which includes wireless controllers, the Playstation Eye camera, as well as the digital video recorder accessory.