How to Choose A Good Maternity Pillow


Maternity body pillows are useful products for women during pregnancy. Not only helps you sleep well, but a maternal pillow with the good material will also help women easily circulate blood, lower blood pressure, minimize cramps and back pain. You will feel comfortable sleeping. Thus, help pregnant women sleep better and deeper.

According to scientific research, pregnant women need to sleep a lot, and it is very comfortable for the fetus to develop well. Therefore, choosing a supplement to sleep well for pregnant is essential. Are you wondering how to choose a good maternity pillow? Let me help you.


How to choose a maternity pillow

1.     Size

The pillow size is designed to fit all body shapes of pregnant women and is a useful product for pregnant mothers. You can also buy special pillows for the pregnancy stage: a pillow looks like a mattress (pillow for the belly when lying on the side) or a long pillow (about 1.5 meters long for belly and back).

2.     Design

The maternity pillow is designed with many different models and designs. There are three pillow types available for pregnant women: the C-shaped pillow, the J-shaped pillow, and the U-shaped pillow.

The C-pillow is used during pregnancy because it supports the back and neck. When lying on the side, the J-pillow is more suitable because it supports the head and neck. The U-pillow lifts the whole body but inconvenience because of difficult to move. These pillows help to support the body effectively, giving pregnant women a good sleep and good health.

3.     Fabric material

To choose pillows that are good for the health, you should pay attention to the material.

The cover of the pillow should be soft, sweat absorbent, make users feel comfortable when lying and can be easily washed. As for the gut, the inner must be light, airy, and soft.

During pregnancy, women often feel stressed, wanting to find something to relax completely. Therefore, you should choose a soft, airy pillow because the material is extremely important to improve your health and mind.


With this post, hopefully, I can provide readers with information on how to choose a suitable maternity body pillow for pregnancy health and fetal development. If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment in the box below. Thank you so much for reading and see you next time.