How to Ensure That You Get Your Asking Price for Used Car

The market for used cars is massive in India. The number of buyers opting for used cars is growing with every passing day. However, sellers still find it hard to get the price that they expect when online selling of used Ford Figo in Bangalore. Here are a few tactics for sellers to use in order to get their desired asking price.

Be Honest About the Condition

The one thing that gets the buyers to trust the seller is the honesty they display when describing the condition of the car. If you do not hide the problems with the car then the buyers will have faith in what you say. You can corroborate your stand by presenting the buyer with a detailed inspection report.

Offer the Buyer to Get His Own Inspection Done

Even if you have got the car inspected and have the report to show to the buyer, be upfront and ask them to get their own inspection done. Ask them to either bring their own mechanic or take the car to their preferred workshop for detailed inspection. This will make the buyer believe that you are not trying to hide anything.

Do Not Negotiate

Most buyers who are interested in the car will try to see if the seller is negotiating or not. They will try to engage in some bargaining in an effort to get the asking price reduced. However, as a seller you can politely decline the bargaining efforts. You can simply hand over your contact details to the buyer and ask them to contact you if they agree to your asking price. The more you engage in negotiations with the buyer the harder it will be for you to stand your ground and stick to your asking price.