How to Make Adorable Birthday Onesie Dresses?

Whether you want to mark your kids’ growth or want to design an amazing memorable for your sister’s or friend’s baby shower, creating a monthly birthday onesie for infants is one of the best ways rather than gifting them the typical toys for kids. By creating onesies, you can measure how much your child has grown each month.

Choosing Onesies

You do not have to buy costly dresses necessarily; instead choose appropriate (usually 12-size)onesies in one particular shade or keep it plain and simple. Select the right size/age for each progression; for instance, if your baby is just 2 months or so, you will have to buy the onesie sized for infant from 0 to 4 months.

Considering kid’s size, you should choose the right one, as some babies would look small or large for their actual age.Image result for How to Make Adorable Birthday Onesie Dresses?

Preparing a Template

You can design monthly dress for kids, starting from first month to 12. Buy iron-on picture transfer paper and get a template for the top, t-shirt. You can choose unique template, utilizing graphic design tool or get some enticing picture template online. Keep the template colourful, so that even kids love it.

Instead of choosing the standard template, you can experiment with it to see how you can place in on image transfer paper. Due to the fact that this transfer sheet is costly, you could keep 2 templates on one paper. To see how the design looks like, you can print a test template. You need to go as per the guidelines given on the package to get the best outcome.

Creating Onesies

You can stitch onesie, but need to be very careful while cutting the design or graphic; the template should be matched with the onesie, provided you choose the right one, considering your kid’s age and size. Lay the right template on the matching dress and add some piece of apparent tape, ensuring it stays in place.

If you want to get the best transfer, ensure that your dress is free from wrinkles and keep shirt flat, adding paper, applying iron for fifteen to twenty seconds. Once you press or finish ironed, remove the paper very slowly or else it would damage the design. Repeat on each dress, until you’ve 12 birthday onesies ready with you.

Give a Gift

If you’re planning to give it as gift for your friend’s baby, wrap it in a box or make your kids wear them for photo shoots. You can also customize the shirt, by adding name either on rear or front side. Instead of giving baby toys as gifts, these are great ideas.

You can also present along with the album, so that parents can place pictures in the album.