Know how to Tighten your Tummy Post Pregnancy

Pregnancy can wreak havoc in the entire body. With the change in hormonal level the entire balance of the body changes. Even if you exercise regularly and eat healthy, that belly bulge can remain. Probabilities are it is due to diastasis recti which actually starts before pregnancy but can remain on for months, even years, if it is not treated.

You may be advised by many to include exercise on a routine basis as exercise often helps you to get back to shape. But today people are so busy that they wait for months and years to get the result. All of them want to get immediate result; thus, the medical science has come up with some new techniques and procedures that help you to gain back pre-pregnancy figure back.

Sono Bello, a prominent name in the body contouring industry has come up with some innovative procedures which help in tightening the stomach bulges and get a more flat look. Many patients come to the clinic as they are upset that they cannot get their tummy flat again after child birth. Even some of them claims that their friends look great after they had kids and so they do not understand why they cannot get their physique back to the shape they are used to from their childhood. In fact some of them develop feelings of incompetence or guilt which are totally unfair. Thus, to correct this issue, Sono Bello’s physicians offer the innovative Micro-Laser Lipo with TriSculpt process. This helps in getting rid of the extra fat and skin easily and allows the patient to recover much faster than the conventional liposuction.

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TriSculpt works in the following way:

A patient who is undergoing this procedure stays awake all the way through the procedure, getting local anesthesia in the areas of treatment. This allows the patient to interact with the doctor all through the procedure. It also assists physicians deliver great results by letting them to easily place the patient to treat specific area. You can also be administered with medications in case you are concerned about being alert so that you can relax when the process is going on.

The physicians take the assistance of micro cannulas to efficiently eliminate the maximum of unnecessary fat, particularly in large body areas.

For the finishing touches special laser-assisted equipment is used. This helps to stimulate collagen formation which can assist the skin to tighten up, producing an even final appearance to the treated areas.

This process helps the muscles to get repositioned back in the middle of the tummy and the physicians effectively reinstate normal structure and remove the bulge that is so troublesome.

Sono Bello has successfully treated a large number of women successfully who has been suffering from stomach bulges post child birth. With presence in more than thirty locations in the United States, the clinic also offers Facial Rejuvenation services which is referred to as Lift as well as Venus treatments.