Make your medical office more efficient

Doctors often wonder and worry about how to more efficiently manage and build their practice. The doctor’s office has so many layers to navigate, it can be hard to staff both the practice and the office management sides without combining tasks and duties. When this happens, it is very typical to see both sides suffer, and a decline in the practice is a common result. Patients expect to be seen quickly and to have their questions answered or appointments made efficiently without waiting. This isn’t always possible, especially if duties are overlapped so that those who are on their way out of the office are delayed by those coming in or in process.

One of the best ways to solve this problem is by using a medical answering service. While some doctors don’t want anything about their practice to be handled outside of their own office, many have determined that the best use of resources isn’t the “overlapping duties” model. It is far more professional to have a service that can handle the day to day running of administrative duties, leaving those in the office to handle the medical side of things to best serve patients.

There are many facets in the administrative side of a medical practice. Taking inbound calls from patients are those who are prospecting for a new doctor, scheduling appointments and handling cancellations, filling in the gaps of those cancellations where possible, handling payments for patients, understanding HIPPA laws to help doctors avoid problems in that area – the list goes on and on. When doctors use a medical answering service, they can get all of these tasks handled competently, even 24 hours a day.

There are different levels of use for an answering service as well. Some doctors might prefer to only have them take inbound calls and route them appropriately or take messages when unable to take an answered call routed to them. The hours of this service are variable based on the doctor’s need – everything from a few hours a day through 24/7 service. Incoming calls can be routed to a certain number that may or may not be answered based on availability, or message sent via email, voice mail or text. These options give a doctor opportunity to handle calls and message in the way that is most convenient and efficient for them. Additionally, the doctor may elect to have call recording as a feature so they can both hear the initial calls or keep them for historical and legal purposes.

With appointment scheduling – another very large piece of the office management puzzle – the medical answering service has software programs geared specifically to physician’s office protocols. When merged with a doctor’s calendar, this powerful tool keeps appointment times straight, shows gaps for available new appointments, allows for follow up on upcoming appointments to help avoid no-shows and delays, and helps find ways to fill in gaps from cancellations to keep the doctor’s day moving as well as provide excellent service to patients. All of this and more is available through medical answering services – to learn more about what they can do, just visit Learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional answering service here: is the leading resource for your medical answering services needs. Visit today to discover a better way to get the services you need.