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Reasons behindthe popularity of news blogs

Blogging has become a full-time profession for many individuals. As time is changing, many people are getting more interested in the virtual world and prefer spending time with their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. This has given individual bloggers a great opportunity to share their views via writing articles on many different topics.

Why did people choose to blog?

Earlier, blogs were used as a popular pass time but that is not the case anymore. Bloggers have started earning and it has become a new way of earning money. You just need to sit at home or café and write about all the current situations around you. But one thing is really important; a person needs to have a good treasure of knowledge within them.

There are several news companies that have started their own website. But bloggers do it a bit differently. If you find a newsworthy article somewhere, you can write it in your own language and also include your personal views. This gives an idea to the viewers about how you see the world. Maybe you will also meet like-minded people who share the same views as you or maybe not. But this platform is a great way to connect all the viewers together and to discuss.

It can also become a business.

If the blogger is popular, if their blog gets many views and share, there are chances that the blogger may get a chance to publish his blogs with daily news on the popular news websites. Nowadays, there are many articles in newspapers as well as e-news that are written by a popular blogger. So, slowly it has become a profession where you don’t have to leave the sanctuary of your home.

If your point of view is different than that of the blogger, you end up questioning it. Sometimes it may happen that the news and their views that are available on the blog challenge your beliefs.

Easy to search:

It gets very easy to search for a news or event that took place a few years ago. You just have to type the news with its date. A whole list of blogs comes in front of you that have reported the same event. This way one can easily search any news of their interest.

The popular in the list:

There are many popular news blogs on the internet nowadays. They have many subscribers, views and deliver very interesting contents.

  1. Huffington Post- It is one of the most popular news blogs. They have news for every category, be it sports, fashion, the food, you can have it all here and they are famous for that.
  2. TechCrunch- Popular for its content. All the latest news related to technology is available in this blog. The blog is popular with the younger generation who are into the digital world.
  3. Buzz Feed- most of the content that is published in this blog gets viral. That is one of the many reasons behind the popularity of Buzz Feed. It is very popular on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  4. Mashable- Popular for its content and it is widely known worldwide. It provides viewers with many interesting stories related to sports, fashion, business, and many more.