Refresh Your Loft with Practical Renovation Tips

Sometimes, your loft just needs a quick tidy to refresh it and sometimes it needs a little bit more.

For those instances where a quick tidy and a domestic cleaner can’t solve your loft woes, consider hiring a loft renovator near Manchester. It is an excellent way to transform your home from outdated to modern and stylish!

1. Fix up old water damage

No one wants to deal with the mess that water damage leaves behind. Yet, if you leave your water damaged walls or ceilings unattended, it could cause further damage.

Soggy walls are the perfect place for mould to grow. So, if you allow mould to grow unchecked in your loft, it will not only damage your home but could also cause a potential health hazard.practical_loft_renovation

As well as preventing mould growth, fixing old water damage will help to uplift the atmosphere of your home. When you complete the renovations you won’t have to look at that unsightly water damage anymore.

Even if you didn’t think it was bothering you, knowing that your loft renovator fixed it means you have one less thing on your to-do list to worry about. Then in its place, you can enjoy looking at modern ceilings and walls instead!

2. Expand storage with shelving

Storage is one of the most important aspects of any home. When your home has adequate storage space it is far easier to keep it tidy and organised because everything has a place.

Essentially this means that expanding your storage space will only bring good things. One of the best ways to then go about expanding this storage space is by installing built-in shelving.

This type of shelving is directly built onto your walls. Think of floor to ceiling bookshelves for instance.

Plus, built-in shelving has the added benefit of providing you with an opportunity for additional decor. You can line the shelves with your favourite books, vases, decorations, plants and more.

3. Increase power accessibility with outlets

neourban hipster office desktop
neourban hipster office desktop

With electronics becoming an ever-larger part of our lives, accessibility to power outlets is increasingly important. So, if you are planning a renovation for your loft then this is something you definitely need to keep in mind.

It is especially important to place outlets in high usage areas. To figure out where your high usage areas are, think about where you spend most of your time and what you are doing during that time.

Do you spend a lot of time in your living room watching TV? Are you often using a laptop, tablet or smartphone at the same time? If so, then you will need several outlets in your living room.

While you probably already have an outlet near your TV, you may not have any outlets near your relaxing space. In which case when your phone, tablet or laptop runs out of juice you will need to move it further away to charge.

When you take on a renovation you may as well take on this problem and add some extra electrical outlets. That way you will be able to conveniently charge all of your electronic devices.

4. Update with a new coat of paint

There is nothing like a new coat of paint. If you haven’t painted your walls in a while, the colours may have faded, leaving your home feeling a tad lacklustre.

So, you should definitely add painting to your loft renovation to do list! A new coat of paint can dramatically improve your living space.

Say goodbye to grimy old walls and hello to bright, new, inspirational walls. If you have a flair for drama you could even choose a bright, vibrant colour to accent one of your walls. Not feeling up for the DIY? Hire an interior painter to give you a hand.

5. Create your dream rooms

Beyond just fixing up water damage or adding a new coat of paint, a loft renovator can also help you to reimagine your space.

During the renovation, they can add or replace rooms. For instance, if you have a spare bedroom which you never use then your renovator could transform this space into a dream home office instead!

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