Simple Guide to Converting Your AVI Videos with Movavi Video Converter

AVI videos are high quality videos but they tend to take up a lot of spaces on the hard disk. Saving the video into a compressed video format like MP4 will reduce the video file size and help you to free up spaces on your hard disk. The quality of the MP4 video is good and no one will be able to notice the differences with the AVI video. You’ll need a video converter software to convert your AVI videos into another format.

Movavi Video Converter offers newbies the ability to convert videos by following simple steps. If you have some AVI videos to convert, you must first go to the Movavi Video Converter page at the Movavi official site and click the Download for Free button to start downloading the file onto your computer. The download file for Movavi Video Converter is 39.3 MB and the download will be complete in less than one minute.

You have to go to the download manager and click on the exe download file to run the setup to install the video converter software. When the setup is complete, you can click the finish button to launch the video converter program. First, you must get your AVI videos load into the AVI file converter software and this can be done by clicking on the Add Media button on top and selecting Add Videos. Most of the video formats are supported so you should have no problem opening them in the software.

You can also have your AVI videos dragged into the open area above the tabs to load them in the software. Since you are converting videos, you must select the Video tab and choose a format from the list.  There is an arrow on the top left corner of every video format file icon. When you click on the video format file icon, a window with a vertical scroller will appear. You can scroll up and down to see the resolutions available for the video format.

You can choose a resolution as small as 320×240 to as large as 3840×2160. The number of resolutions available to choose from vary across the video formats. For example, MP4 offers a long list of resolutions to choose from while WAV only offer 3 resolutions options. You can choose to convert the video to HD format like 720p and 1080p. The settings menu for Movavi Video Converter can be found on top. You can access the settings menu to make changes to the language on the interface.

The preferences dialog box and user manual can also be accessed from the settings menu. The Upload to feature allows you to upload the video conveniently on the three social networking sites including YouTube, Facebook and iTunes. You just have to check the social media sites where you want to upload the video.

By default, the video will be saved to your videos directory, you can specify another directory by clicking on the folder icon. After specifying the destination folder, you can click the Convert button and all the videos will be converted into the targeted video format in a short while.