Some Attractive Markets for Shopping Traditions Indonesia

When you decide to travel around Indonesia, you may go to some famous traditional markets for shopping traditions Indonesia. It will be a perfect plan to fill your great vacation especially when you go with your own family. The traditional markets provide many products and stuffs for your daily needs. While you are exploring the beauty of Indonesia, you can also learn about the people by having a visit in the markets.

The markets are also attractive. Every market has its characteristics so that they are well known by the visitors. In these following points, you might know some recommended markets to visit. You may explore further as each market has unique thing.

  1. Bisu market. This market is located in West Sumatera. As Bisu is translated as mute in English, you should know that in this market all transactions are done in silent way. Many people are interested to visit this market. Each visitor should know how to interact so that they can do the transaction well. A long time ago, people use this way to hide the price of the stuffs they sell. But, it is not a traditional market if you cannot bargain the things. If you think the price is high, you are allowed to bargain it for the better price.
  2. Pasty market. This market is very much well known as the right place for animal and plant lovers. If you like to have more pets such as cats, dogs, birds, and other animals, you can just visit this market for the new experience in shopping. The market is located in Yogyakarta, a little city that is famous because of its culture. The market is built across to each other, so you can see the market for animals and plants asides of the main way.
  3. If you visit Jakarta city, you can get into Jakarta shopping traditions Indonesia. It is the Kramat Jati market that will be your first visit in this city. This market sells the daily needs. If you are vegetarian, this market will be the perfect place to go. You can find all vegetables in low price.
  4. Triwindu market in Solo will show you the collection of old and antique things. If you like to collect the stuffs like this, you can visit the market directly to Solo. The old metal, statues, or even traditional artistic puppets from Javanese arts are also available here.

From all traditional markets above, you can see many varieties of traditional markets in Indonesia. Actually, there are still many markets you can visit. As you explore further about Indonesia, you can fill your vacation with new experiences. There is also one more recommended market that is well known by the handicrafts products. You can find it at Beringharjo market that is also the place of Yogyakarta shopping traditions Indonesia. In this market you will find many unique products which are handmade. You can buy it for the merchandise as you go back to your town.