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The Best Floor Buffers in the Market

If you struggle every day while cleaning your floor then you should probably think of buying a floor buffing machine which can make your task much easier. Here is this article we are going to reveal to you the three best floor buffers that you can go along with a few buying tips.

Things to Consider

Things that you need to consider before you actually buy a floor buffing machine for your use:

  1. The abrasiveness of the buffing pads.
  2. The size of the machine and the amount of area that it can cover.
  3. What are the tasks that it can perform and how effective it is?
  4. Whether the machine is portable or not?
  5. Whether the company is good or not?

3 Best Floor Buffers

If you want to get the best of the products then these are the three models that you should choose from:

Mercury L-17E Lo-Boy: This is one machine that can handle a hell lot of task on its own. This particular machine is known to have a good potential to clean floors with ease. It is also known to have a high-powered motor that can help your job done easily.


  • The product is durable.
  • It has a portable design.
  • It can clean all types of floors.


It has a poor return policy.

Clarke CFP Pro 20HD Polisher: If you want to have a satisfied floor buffing machine then this is what you should opt for. That’s because it gives you a whole different level of performance. Not many floor buffers are made the same way. You can use it to scrub, polish and clean your floor with ease.


  • It comes with a protective bumper.
  • It has safe transport wheels.
  • It is very light in weight.


  • The machine is known to be very noisy.

General Floorcraft KCD 17 Floor Machine: If you are looking for a heavy-duty machine then this is what you should go for. This machine is known to have a 17-inch buffer that can strip and scrub almost all types of surfaces easily.


  • The product is a powerful one.
  • It comes with non-marking wheels.
  • It has all metal construction.


  • The machine is quite heavy to use.

So these are the best machines on the market that you can make use of in order to keep your floor clean and polished.