The twin juicers for dual competence and more features


The twin juice extractors that are also called the triturating juicers are in the category of the must-have kitchen devices. As the traditional pressure juice extractors are known for their lack of yielding satisfactorily and the inability to multitask, the twin juicers eliminate these minuses. This is a series that can be termed friendly to its users, durable, powerful, compact, and have been testified irreplaceable by thousands of satisfied users.

Obviously, the wind of technological innovations never stops to blow, which is why the single gear juice extractors give way for the more reliable twin gear juicers that are filled with even more capabilities.


Though the bigger size of the twin gear juicer compared to the single gear ones can be seen both as an advantage and a disadvantage. This is why we would look at the worthy advantages and disadvantages of the twin gear juice extractors compared to their single geared counterparts.

Pluses and minuses of the twin gear juicer over the single geared ones

First on the list of the twin gear juicer’s pro is that it has more power. With more power, thus comes higher yield and improved efficiency. These are a set of features that cannot be departed. Moreover, some users complain about the smallness in the feeding chute of a twin gear juicer, which as a result leads to longer time in completing each batch of produce. Well, as little as it may seem, this is recorded as a disadvantage.

However, a feature that is more important makes up for this little disadvantage – the best twin gear juicers that deliver thefinest juices with the optimum amount of naturally existing micro elements and vitamins. The technology of trituration integrated into the design of the twin gear juicers ensures that you get the maximum quantity of healthy produce after juicing, leaving behind very dry pulp.

Just as they say, quality can be proportional to price – the more sophisticated a juicer is, the higher its price. Though the little price differences cannot be compared to what you incur after a long time of throwing money in the trash bin in the form of pulp that isn’t thoroughly juiced. In order words, the price is worth it.

Selecting a juicer that would suit you

It isn’t enough to just consider the potential advantages of buying a triturating juice extractor; one still needs to check out the characteristics of the models that would fit. You might be surprised that a very little difference in the capability of two similar models could cost a user so much at the end of the day.

For starters, one should consider the desired size of produce that is expected from the juicer. It would be wise for a company to purchase a huge juicer judging from the size of produce that they expect than for a personal user to make the same purchase – most of the juicer’s functions would be redundant. Also, consider the size of your kitchen and how much space you are willing to dedicate to this device before making your choice.

There is no doubt that you would find a nice twin gear juicer out there for yourself, but you should ensure you do your research to make sure that you would not be thinking of a replacement anytime soon.