Traveling Despite a Busy Schedule

For those of us who have embraced travel as a lifestyle or even an absolute necessity, getting back on the open road or crossing another destination off the travel bucket list is not only a way of life but it really is the best way of life. Between adventure travel, luxury travel, or getting a little bit of the best of both worlds through the smart use of RV rentals, there’s no denying the profound impact that a truly great vacation or travel experience can have. In addition to this, there are countless quotes about how travel changes you forever, for the better, so that brings up a great question: how do you make time to travel when you feel trapped by a busy schedule?

Make the Most of Weekends

One of the best ways to make sure you get that precious travel time in is to take advantage of your natural weekends. This isn’t just planning on sprinting out of the office on Friday to get some camping done at a local lake, but consider using your vacation days differently. Instead of taking a week or two weeks at once and only being able to travel once a year, take off a Friday and a Monday to create a four day weekend.

Not only does that create a full four days to travel and plan a trip, but it you treat Thursday night like a travel day you can really get a relaxing (or exciting) bit of travel in and most people get enough vacation time to do this monthly or every two months – and that’s not even including normal vacation days. This is a great way to truly make the most of your weekends!

Plan for Non-Holiday Travels

While many articles with good intentions talk about adding extra vacation days to holidays you’ll find in most companies people with families do the same thing – and they’re thinking about the 4th of July, Christmas, and Thanksgiving all the way back on January 1. Often times you have a much better chance of getting a large block of days off if you can aim for a non-holiday time.

Sometimes doing this also can win you some kudos from stressed out bosses or managers noticing you helping out right up on the holidays, which can sometimes be parlayed into extra vacation days or a more positive response to asking for time off later down the line.

Ask for Non-Paid Time off

This isn’t the ideal situation but you may find that some bosses will be willing to give you an extra few days or week off as long as it isn’t paid. If you’re a hard worker and willing to make this compromise, there’s a chance you could create more time off and get the ability to take a much longer vacation or carve out a longer travel time.

You might be surprised how willing a boss or supervisor is to work with you to keep you happy, especially if it isn’t going to cost them anything, and you will never know if you can get non-paid time off if you don’t bother to ever ask.