What to know about a place on rent with disability-friendly amenities?

Finding a place on rent is a tricky task, but the same becomes cumbersome when either the renter, his roommate or one of his family members who will be living with him is differently abled. The needs and expectations of a differently abled person differ from that of a normal one. Also, simply searching on a search engine for roommates in Pune or flat in Chennai for disabled person may not yield fruitful result. It takes excessive sweat and efforts to find a suitable place for a disabled person. It is also imperative for the one looking for a rented place to keep in mind the various factors such as:

  • The Storey

All other amenities could wait but a flat or room on the ground floor is no less than icing on the cake. There are many differently abled who wheel their way to different places. Getting a place to stay on the ground floor is a blessing for these renters.

  • Reserved Elevator

In case, if the differently abled person could not get a place to stay on the lower level, he could search for a property which has reserved elevators for the people like him. There are building with multiple storeys and oodles of residents, thus, waiting for the lift could be exhausting. Hence, it could be a big aid if the building offers such a provision for the differently abled people.

  • Bathroom Amenities

As mentioned above, don’t limit your search merely to search engines. A result on your search of paying guest in Pune or rented apartment in Hyderabad may give amazing result but they are perhaps not suitable for the differently abled people. There are many bathroom amenities required for these people and the same you can’t just figure out sitting in front of your computer or cell phone screen. Thus, it is advised to personally visit these places and ask the landlord if he allows the installation of walk-in showers with seat, lower WC pan seat, towel hanger at an arm’s length, faucets that have sensors, etc. in the bathroom.

  • Low Light Switches or Remote Controlled Lighting

It’s just not about differently abled people but elders too. You don’t want them to get up from their chair again and again to switch on/off the switches. Therefore, be it a television, air-conditioner, or fan, their switches should be installed on a height that can be accessed even while seating. Also, remote controlled lighting should be installed for the comfort of the differently abled and old people.

  • Other Necessities

There are oodles of things one should keep in mind before finalizing a place on rent for a differently abled person. Or if the person is doing the same task for himself, then he should see that the doorways are wide, handrails are installed along with the ramp, height of the bed and other chairs are at par with that of the wheelchair, alarms & CCTV cameras are properly working, slippery tiles are not installed on the floor, etc.

Irrespective of the fact that you are looking for a place just on rent, you can ask for the amenities that are indispensable for your safety. Do keep the above-mentioned in mind before going out on the hunt for a rental property.