Why women love handbags for fashion these days

 Women and fashion are terms that are just inseparable. Like, always together. We adopt all major items of fashion anywhere we go. A similar emerging trend is that of bags like the oversized ones, satchels, slings, totes and ladies purse. Name any model, and you can spot a lady around with the variation.

The handbag is a fashion accessory that is a serious development in the international fashion industry andcan be coupled up both as a fashion element and storage on the go; handbag is the thing even men envy. Like, “why carry a bag everywhere?” is the question every woman has been asked at least once in her life. But where is the need to answer this question?Image result for Why women love handbags for fashion these days

As much as men show off their range of tailor made suiting and custom made shoes, women take no excuse and don’t let anything bar them from flaunting their handbags. Be it a classy party or that art exhibition that’s hogged the schedule forever, a handbag adds the right amount of panache to your ensemble. Just like the right mix of spices can transform a dish manifold, so can the right selection of a handbag.

But woman! Opting for the right kind of handbag is no child’s play either. Those rugged looking bags for men are a big no. With whatever you wear, the addition of handbag to your look adds the much-needed opulence.

Handbags can be chosen depending upon the needs they are going to cater to. For example, if you happen to be a college teen, anything from an oversized option to a short and easy to carry tote will suit you. But if you happen to be a working woman lacking the baggage of your teenage years, then you wouldn’t want that juvenile situation to strike back. And so, a more office looking straight handle one would look more official and prepared for come what may! Similarly, if you are a self-indulgent homemaker or someone who works as afreelancer, then you may choose from the variety of options that are available in the market. You could use a straight-faced handbag for client meetings and a casual chic looking purses or a clutch, maybe to other events.

Populous zones of the world, with major inhabitants as women, have markets heavily loaded with all sorts of splashy and colorful handbags. Fabrics could be anything between cloth, leather, Rexene or canvas.

Offices call for sturdy and many compartments type handbags whereas an evening party could be indulged in with a more untailored approach by going in for a not too cut out kind of or even better, easy on the size bag.

Love for handbags isn’t something that has risen in the recent decades. Women have been carrying around handbags with them long before that. Only that they weren’t as a much a fashion symbol than as they are now. But the association of women and handbags has been indelible.